Wheelchair Accessible Cabs May Increase Tips for New York Taxi Drivers

Big, fat tips are considered by the Taxi and Limousine Commission for cab drivers that are going to use wheelchair accessible cars and aid as transport service for disabled persons.

Taxi drivers who are eyeing several means to make nicer tips from their passengers could find the solution in driving wheelchair accessible cars.

Picking up disabled travelers and transporting them in wheelchair accessible cabs would mean an incentive for taxi drivers as the Taxi and Limousine Commission are considering to pay extra for such service. The commission is expected to give the approval on September 17.

The current rate for an accessible- ride dispatch is between $6 and $15. With the new dispatch program, a cab driver could earn from $10 to $30 each trip in Manhattan. This huge difference is attributed to the 30 cent surcharge mandatory for all taxi rides.

How much a driver would earn extra will depend on the distance and time when his service is sought. An automatic 50 cents is given already with all accessible taxi trips.

The TLC officials are targeting the year 2020 to have half of the 13,587 yellow cabs be wheelchair accessible. There are currently 587 cruising through town and according to the president of the United Spinal Association, James Weisman, “Anything that makes driving an accessible cab more attractive…is great for people with disabilities,”.

There’s just the problem with Uber, the taxi company who is said to be hacking away yellow cabs. Taxi medallion sales for yellow cabs could be facing difficulty as the company resists having wheelchair- friendly cars. It instead promotes wheelchair- accessible green cabs for disabled passengers using their UberWAV app.

Nonetheless, earning extra could mean a lot for most yellow cab drivers. This solution in the horizon will make a huge deal not only for taxi drivers but especially for the disabled members of the community.

More insights and tips for taxi cab drivers may be found on Taxi Cab Tips (www.taxicabs.com).


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