Happy Labor Day

So Yes it is labor day weekend and I wanted to wish all the taxi drivers and for hire, ubber, limousine’s. any one that is on the team.  Happy Labor day weekend. I know some will bitch about the for hire people, but they are humans just like me. There are others, well lets just say creatures of higher up people who have a nice sweet 3 or in cases 4 day weekends I want to wish all of them a great weekend of relaxing cause you all have to get your buts back to work very soon now.

Like most of you I have sat here this weekend, after doing a 10 /12 hour shift like we do day after day week after week and still we do not bitch about any thing or one, we don’t feel like the other person deserves a raise or like I deserve a raise. If we want a raise  or the kids need school clothes we just do a double shift to catch up.

I see in the paper now that all the union workers, hell really I did not know any one was union except people like plumber’s, electrical worker’s, city, state,  government and or sub independent contractors of such band together groups. Now they want the tax cab company workers to join a union. I heard about that in the paper last year I\in Seattle I think I wonder how that turned out, I need to look it up. I was thinking teamster union~


I do not feel sorry for myself, I love not being union, that being said I was union for about 4 minutes. I was in Seattle, Washington, most likely it was mid 70’s I reported to the (Union) Electrical Sign Company right down town almost.

I was to start at 8:00 shit I did not know that there was union time and real people time so I had my coffee and was siting on a bench with a dozen other jerks, and a person walked in and said I have a delivery, and the lead jerk said just put it in the shop. The carrier said ok, could you get the door for me, his arms were full of boxes, #1 jerk said, no. We don’t start for 5 minutes I said I will get it, I opened the door and sat down and #2  big jerk off said, you are fired, I am the foreman. I said just being out of the navy, some very nasty words to him and the other little people, I was wrong. Funny how I never did get on the list at the union hall.

So I had told my self I should never get a union job again, I have not. I may not have much but I feel safe and have a roof over my head, and do a lot of things that everyone else does.

I have driven a taxi for 25 years till I got hurt, and have done some way neat stuff, a lot for other people just like most of you and I do not want to brag but~

So what’s this shit going on where, we are going to have thru are insurance, if the kids are sick we get paid for that, is that sort of like another form of paid vocation.

Insurance I have had insurance all my life one form or another and in each case I get screwed,

1. Car insurance a year deductible

2. House insurance a year deductible, fire if it happens I am guessing it will be used furniture

3. Life insurance a year deductible unknown expense

4. Medical insurance a year deductible 1000.0 and they do not pay for all thing,

Medical insurance was like almost $900.00 a month till I reach 66 and got on Social Security than it dropped to about $486.00 per month. this is a ( VERY LARGE KNOW COMPANY) these people deal with, you guessed it (UNION PEOPLE).

So I get hurt and I am on Labor and Industries in Washington State, so instead of getting 60% of my wages, and because of a little known law that union workers voted into law I am on SS and L&I under,( Ace Program).

What the hell is that, ACE,  well it is to complex to explained but to a taxi driver layman like me. you cannot double dip the system so they have shook hands and said that I should get $39.00

per day.


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