My daddy was a taxi cab driver.


My daddy was a taxi driver


I remember when I was very young and daddy would leave for work and I would always give him a big hug and as he left he would always honk his horn to let me know that he loved me as he drove off to work in his taxi cab to help his people as he would always say.

I remembered He always told me stories about older people that he would pick up that became friends with dad, you know the people that he said would pick up at a grocery store and have a hard time carrying two bags of groceries up two flights of stairs to get home safe and he would include that in his fare, they loved dad and so did I.

I remember the weekends he was very busy but dad always had time for me, on Saturdays he would always sit me on his lab and drive me around the block before he dropped me off and honked his horn for me. As I got older he would take me to school and drop me off for mom and all the kids were jealous because dad always honked his horn just for me.

I remember as I got older all the kids told me there parents said that my dad had helped this person or that person with a free ride in the rain, a free ride till pay day, and that payday was never there but dad helped. I remembered tat every year around Christmas dad would start collecting can food that he knew where it would go every year when he filled his taxi up with all that food and honk to me as he happily sped always to help his friends.

I remember one day when daddy did not honk


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