Concealed Weapons

Concealed Weapons:

Thought that I would tell everyone about Weapons: a true story that happened to me and why you should leave your weapons on you concealed as you should at all times or locked up at home. Well I was running a little late so I locked my car at work, unlocked the truck and grabbed my gym bag and ( tools of the trade ) that we use maps, phone book,G P S, my weapon and a couple of tampon’s.

I know I know some will ask and yet most will know why I carry them with me and if not for me later tonight perhaps it will help save someone else’s life out on the street or as I call it in living color, the theater. So I clock in pre-pay my nut/gate fees like I always do, I like to know when it is all said and done, and if I am dead I owe no one I am debt free in the end. It also gives me a edge from other drivers hustling to make a buck just to get there gates made and there fuel cost so that thy can start making there wage for there shift. I jump right in and say on my very first fare I am making money. So for me only don’t try this your self it may not be right for you but hey check this out I go down to the stationary store and get myself a weekly bill envelope stuffier it is for weekly bills for each day of the week. Now I know that most taxicab hacks do not work 12 hours a day or more and that they do not work 7 days a week but I did a lot. So after each day I would put my cash earned in the envelope with a rubber band around it and MY TIPS and  AND my way bill, trip sheet, WE CALL IT TOILET PAPER some don’t use any thing, a paper trail they do not want, I understand.

 So I an told that all the taxi cabs had to go in for a police inspection for a safety inspection and to have the meters tested, with a officer riding alone to check the car all of the safety issues wipers, horn, flashers, ect,  The next step was the car brakes and the meter after driving the car one mile.

Oh shit there I go one more time sorry:  any way I have my tool bag and I jump into the taxi, pop the hood and check the oil. I never start a car without checking the oil period and radiator, back into the car start it I always wait 4 or 5 minutes for the car to warm up so I turn on the heater low, radios both on low and softly, check the mirrors, and I have a special box under my seat made for C&G~/ Cash and Gun.  I slide my 38 snub under the seat and put my $50.00 change into the money clip I made for safe keeping and down the road I go all rushed up to the police station, as I turn into the cop shop as we call then and park, I wait my turn for the inspection. As I am waiting I see two officers come up to me and we do are thing, both jump into the car junior one in back, as the lead police officer tells the other what we are going to be doing.

Well we pull out of the stall speed up and he say, STOP THE CAR,  I do as I feel something side up and hit my foot the cop says what’s that, I say whats what, he say you know what I mean as the person in the back seat leans forward, I am committed to say it, sir that’s my weapon, he says is it loaded I say yes sir. He says do you have a permit for it, I smell it coming, yes sir I do. He says may I see it, I say yes sir .

Whew good thing I had a permit, and that I had it on me. Lesson learned here If you have a gun have it on you, and if you could not shoot it or kill a person wit a weapon leave it at home , go to the gun store and sell it it will get you in a lot of trouble on the streets, trust me don’t be a hack packer.



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