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Cameras in Cabs robbery

By Sparky

Cameras in taxi cabs
As I scan across America and other lands what I see from the cameras eye in almost every case of death or injury, the same thing happens to the driver, they sit there and say nothing or don’t hit back, thing have changed in the taxi world. Untrained cab drivers, owners don’t give a shit and send drivers out with little or no training. They ( ride along ) for a few hours learn not how a meter works, ask any driver you see today, or your self and once they can turn the radio on you guessed it they are taxi drivers. All the hell they know what to do is stay out there for 12 hours fill up the car and drive back to the shop and hand over $135.00 or what ever that pie in the sky greedy dollar amount is. Oh yes and what is left for you the driver, after taxes are kept in the bank for that happy 15 of April every year. What you don’t do that, I know but what bothers me more than that is that everyone we see, on the street in the mall, at a cafe or bar, church I heard a speaker say that 68% of the American people have less than $500.00 dollars in there bank account. I don’t know about you but there are going to be some scary crap going down very soon look out for it.
Today, yes it is me in real life, not like a real estate salesman and when they come there in a walker and look 90.
I was watching a clip how a suspect was hitting a driver over and over and I thought to myself what would I have done. How would I have dealt with this differently? I am thinking knowing that it was coming perhaps, not a hands in front of me injection put perhaps a fast hit in the throat. I mean there you go it is over and while they are gasping for air a good kick in the face as you call 911 and report a suspected robbery suspect in custody, but you feel that they try and run on you. Look as bad as we make other drivers feel we are real bad , as in I mean real street wise bad, most 80% of us are not, we just don’t know what to do when we are presented with anger and fear, and life threatening thoughts, so we need to deal with them before they get out of control. I am the one of 20% that you can drop me off at midnight any where in the world, and I will be a survivable cab driver, and most likely like it I am not afraid of the dark and seemly calm streets, they are not they can be become ex-stream loud and scarier in a heartbeat, if this ever happens to you do this, stop, very calm just say this, hey look guys, there are times in our lives that some times we just don’t want to be her, no disrespect but I want to just walk away . If you are lucky they will just mess with you lightly.
I have made a choice for you, the 80% that don’t think they would know what to do if someone threatens them: tried to harm them with: words: a knife: and or a gun: and or hit them.
This is what you need to do today, this weekend, go by any place that teaches karate or kick boxing, or just boxing and just walk up to them and tell them the truth. You do not have to become a four year black belt, tell them you want to just learn how to hit them, hard they will show you, and fast. They will teach you how to and what to tell people that want to harm you: they will teach you hands on how to hit a person: they will teach you how to defend your self’s and how to give them some money so that they will leave your cab: all you haft to do is to tell them your job. I am a taxi cab driver and that I am scared of what may happen and I do not know what to do if that happens, and puff: your dreams are answer and you will feel a lot more safe trust me and you will hit a person that tries to harm you, you will feel like you are more in charge and better than the people that you pick up as far as defending yourself. Look there are some very bad people out there and you need this edge and if you meet the wrong person that hits harder and faster and just don’t care if they hurt you our not, that no matter what you say or do, here they come at you. You will know what to do at that point, also relax, it is all good don’t you enjoy the rush, yet? Well, hang on you are in for a ride.

Do not say anything.
Do not yell at them.
Give them what they want.
If they want money, I told you what to do, have a fake wallet, have $20.00 in it showing, give them that, tell them you just came on duty, they just want out of there.
Cameras in the cabs are cheap protection for any one that has a problem, and talk about it or not if I get killed out there at 3:30 am there will be pictures of the killer for there arrest, thank god. If there is a robbery in the cab the pictures may give that person 6 years in prison to think about it. My reason for all cab drivers to get the training they need to protect themselves is to help stop this insanity of cab heist all for what $20.00 / $50.00 or 6 years in prison and to tell the bad guys, hey we fight back, don’t try and rob us you will get caught.
Here is what not to do:
Who not to stop for
what to look out for
how do exit the cab
How to stay calm
Defense driving

01 Umber Lift Apps Smartphone

By Sparky

Umber Umber-x Lift Sidecar boxcar$
I have no thoughts at this time.
I do have my thoughts about phone apps
I am writing about myself only.
But if you drive a taxi you might! Look them up on the web!
Give them a call; they might be, just around the corner!

Stop cab company thefts fast!

Do people steal from there boss!

Yes! Very much Yes! Why?

Well money is money and when you pay your employees year after year a minimum wage plus tips, what do you expect from them.

We work for you, we drive your car, we wash your car, we put fuel in your car, we turn in a paper to say where we pick people up at, and we give you all the money. We have to pay tax on the money we do make. We have no tax write offs for any thing at work, you do. Some tines you even want are tips on long runs. Now I ask you do we as a driver steal from you.
We pick up fares day and night and every year at Christmas and new years all we hear from you is can you come in early tonight we are going to be so busy there are so many Christmas party’s? We are going to make so much money tips will be real good tonight.
When are you going to say to us, hey you made me a lot of money this past year, I thank you and tip us. There are so many New Year eve, parties. We all say sure be right in, when in the hell are we going to our party
You expect so much from us, Keeping there car clean inside and outside washed and clean themselves, nice clothes clean paper work and fuel the car before they turn in. Let’s See, I guess that’s it, wait you want more ok you want them to wear clean pants and a clean shirt, what no shorts or jeans or filthy pants and shirts. How can I drive if I and not relaxed
A driver said to me last week, I am depressed. Why I asked? He said I have been here over 4 years and today I get the same wage as when I started, Minimum wage plus tips.
How about a few things for us the drivers perhaps every 3 or 4 months you get a day group and a night group together and have a B Q at your shop or better a park. I am not talking steak and lobster I am talking a few dozen hot dogs and buns and a few dozen 6 packs of pop and chips for all drivers and ideas for your better cab company flows out for you!
Drivers love to have attention give it to them, and listen to them talk to you about your problems and how to fix then. But when one belittle there employees and down size there ways and means of providing for there life thief happens.
Well I have told you they steal; now you want to know how. I have no problems with that just so you know!
A couple of ways, and no I have never stolen from my boss but I see it.
Where to start, I had worked for a cab company and they had these credit cards that all drivers had and the car also had a card on the key chain so they had to match for each car. So that there was no way any one could steal from them as it went in that car. Well yes that is true in a perfect world but we don’t live in a perfect world now do we. The drivers had there card thief proof right, wrong as I am taken my cab into the gas pump a car sort of cut me off and parked on the other side of the pump from a company pickup, the driver of the pickup got out started pumping gas, stopped walked thus the pumps and started fueling the car with a lady and kids in it. Now you say what the hells wrong that scenario, well the company pickup belong to a friend of mine, I knew what the driver was going to do, It was only a month or to before I was over to this owners home and when he got back to his shop, he got fired . I know what your thinking, what a snitch yes I get it so when you have you taxi cabs fill up know how many gallons of gas they hold, Watch for 5 gals of full gas around the shop missing the next day over night or on the days you are not there, these are twenty $20.00 dollar bills laying around at today fuel prices. Know how much fuel each car holds and watch for high fuel difference between cars of the same makes. Even your shop mechanic can steal and most likely will. It becomes a more serious problem when it happens daily.
Watch for parts bought for cars you don’t have, demand that the auto store put the car # on there bill or plate number and verify that the parts match the car model. Look it is your car demand that all old parts be marked where it came from and saved. This will most likely help stop car auto parts theft. Watching for the average monthly cost of the shop will not help you know what car took what part, parts are very costly. Oil cost $15, 00 per gallon almost, watch it close, and Antifreeze cost is very costly make people accountable for your parts and you’re paying for it.
If you stock gas at your plant shop know where it goes have a gas notebook pad and have employees sign it in and out. Take time to read the book.

Police Cars Auctions Cabs

By Sparky

Police Cars Auctions and taxi Cabs

Live auctions on line

I was thinking do all the taxi cabs come from police cars that got turned in
Because they had a lot of miles on them and they were unsafe?

How do taxi cab companies get them?
I mean you just can’t go to the police station and say
Give me 2 of them, how much are they?
Well the truth is we use to do it that way almost.
If you wanted to buy a police car, it was advertised in the local paper.
You could drop buy and summit your bid. The Highest bid a person turned in got he car.
Than the public thought that people were getting them to cheap,
So they turned it over to a licensed auction house. And they still sold cheap.

But when police cars all got put at one location and only taxi company’s were biding on them,
They just sold them at all and any cost.
I have bought a lot of police cars over the years, dodges, Chevrolet caprices, ford crown victories.
Paint them; letter them; top signs, do the magic we do on the inside; meter; radio
.Then things changed, it is like a 33 1/3 % split.
Taxi cabs old school, taxi cabs new and if you want to admit it or not
Town cars black tops – for hire

Taxicab company’s use new cars and electric cars in the most part.
For hire use the same and town cars and limos.
The newer ones have a big screen on star information and g p s,
Just push and go all day /night long on board log.

Taxi company’s still purchase there older cars from auction’s, mostly in small towns only as large city’s have an image to uphold for tourist when they land at the airport.
Most cities say nothing older than five years old. You can find them on the web and newspapers
It seems like farm newspapers are the source of auction advertising. On line Police auctions on line will give you a ton of information. The locations of auctions date of sales and time.
And state websites are online now also all you have to do is search police auctions on line.


Do you think a taxi Driver should carry a gun while h/she is on there shift?
• Someone pulls a gun on you at 2:30 a.m. in some dark lighted street or alley and you say,
• I will shoot him I have a gun. Well there are two sides to every story, right?
What if, just if, the person you just shot and killed did not have a gun or weapon on them. You were shaking, scared, sweating and they were faking it, is that murder? What if they did not have a gun, and took yours away and shot you, what if, tough guy.
People that are real bad people, you might not want to mess with, and unless you go to the rifle range and unless you have had a lot training and work out every day, and you can hit, fight, be at the top of your game don’t carry a weapon. The person that wants your money, wants cash to buy a fix, some crack, to pay some bills, cookies and milk what does it matter, just give them cash and, and hopefully they are gone out of your life. Look just carry the fake wallet with $ 25.00 bucks of ones in it get it? Your life is worth more than pride here. Just keep a fake wallet and $25 ones in it and give it to them, and you want to cut the bottom out 3/4 the way so you can see money in either up or upside down position save your life and save your money.
Live till the sun comes up if you are lucky.

I had a very bad problem for myself, well one of dozens, however I was packing late one night when this hack packed and if wasn’t for the grace of god and my good luck and my heavy street wise street smarts bull crap I do, It would have gotten dirty fast!
It was about 3:00 A.M. It was busy, we were hustling and the radio was chanting away, the side walks were hustling with people, I smelled money!
I always keep the radio low for my ears only, always alert for my car numbers. Out of the corner of my eyes at a glance I saw a shadow sort of a person, way deep down I knew better, but I live for this rush. I pulled over the guy jumped in back r/s, right side, late night, no one gets behind me nor the front, I need distant between be and my fares.
Well we had only gone about one or two blocks and there I was , I can feel it, I can smell, I just know that, look out here it comes. The hair on the back of my neck started to raise up, I dropped my left hand down to the side pocket on my Ford Crown Victory 3 year old ex police car bought at auction and
What do taxi Cab Drivers do at Bar Rush Time,
When Bars close?

Was now the pride of the fleet? I knew that I only had maybe a block left before all hell broke lost, and it did! Very slowly I laid my AE~ 50 cal Desert Storm on my lap, just then the guy says to me, hey pull over by that corner store, I need some smokes, I eased the car over to the right, no one on this street, store was closed here it comes, I held the steering wheel with my right hand on my weapon grip, she was ready to go, so was I. Just then as he lays the barrel of a 38 on the center top back of passenger seat and turns it towards me pointing it at my head, in that second I knew he did not know weapons, I slowly eased my barrel up and talking to him telling him that I only had a little money in my wallet but I will give you that, right then he saw my gun barrel slide over the center seat as I acted like hey, here is my wallet, take my money, he was , wrong and yes it is big and large, but look around you there are big weapons on the street do you think a 22 or 38 is going to kill you, yes perhaps a 50/50 chance, but if I put a cap in you with my EA Desert Storm 50 cal. you do have a problem and I wont.
Well any way he tells me, hey look man I don’t want any problems, I just needed a smoke, a few bucks. I say to him as I looked straight into his eyes, This is great, lets have a smoke together, look I have this problem here, you don’t have any smokes and I can’t get to mine, let’s do this, you drop your wannabe gun over the seat, just drop it. I will relax a little and I will give you a couple smokes to go or you can stay where you are at and die in the back seat. He did the right thing that night.
It was my Friday that night, I haven’t smoked in 8 years True story~


I also want to say that you will have a gun on you when the police come, I don’t pull a weapon on people that think there tough or threaten, and I have other ways. Some times I would say, hey look: here the deal, I will give you my wallet, and money, but I know Jim, or any name and he is not going to like this, make sure you want to this, or leave and I wont tell him. Two have walked away from my cab. There is a street code!
Did you realize that as fares get in your cab at the airport know, if you’re a nice person or not, so do the bad guys. I believe that cab drivers some times just piss people off with there bad attitudes. Some times thinking out loud that you are a better person than a drunk will get you in trouble. When you first sense a problem with any one stop it right there. Stop the car at the first light, right away, don’t let it keep going ask them to get out of your car say I am calling you another cab they are only a few blocks from here, please leave. If that don’t work get out of the car take your keys with you walk in front of your car slowly, like your thinking go in back of the car and open the back door, tell them to get out of the car, if they do not get out fast, jerk the drunk out of the car ; ( telling him before; during and after to calm them; why you are doing this, tell them the other cab is just 1 minute away, leave! Never turn your back on then, back up slowly and drive away

What do taxi cabs transport?

By Sparky
What do taxi drivers put in there cabs other than; (People)

There is a world of items that cabs have transported over the years!
This from far the list:
Flowers,Grocery’s,Food,Pizza’s,Medical stat’s, blood runs, Transport Patients, nursing homes,detox,Hospital stats, movie films, potable kidney machines, parts,

A taxi cab driver picked up a fare at there home they had a early morning flight out not much luggage s/he should have been able to read the signs of a distant far away emergency trip in the early hours of the chilly, damp, fogy flight out of Bellingham, up near the Canada boarder, on the west coast.
The driver at the time of pick up was also not alert he had over (11) eleven hours in that night and was going, off shift in a very short time. However he turned a conversation into a nightmare for the customers, himself, and the company that he had worked for yeas ago.
In a simple sentence he only said, so are you flying away to have a great time in Vegas.
Don’t do that! What needed to be said was nothing at all. Try to let your customer start off and yes I know the stress of driving for hours and not a word spoken! That is a very hard drive!
Customers will let you know when they want to chat talk or know about things in you town. In the above case s/he should have said, if s/he insisted on saying any thing first would have been perhaps good morning are you traveling for business or pleasure? That is it, be very quiet till they respond! In this case there was a homicide murder of one of the family members in the mid west, and it only got worst to the point of a complaint being filed on the driver. The company got involved and gave free rides to and returns from the funeral for compassion reasons and company goodwill.
WOW; lets all learn a listen here, I for one have gotten my mouth in trouble before a few times , however like traffic tickets; it has been a lot of years, two in one early A.M. stupid me

Death of a Cab Driver Prayer
By Sparky

Death of a Taxi Cab Driver

Is there a god YES
I don’t say what god is, but a name that somehow answers us when we are driving and need help, when the hair on the back of your neck starts to stand up, ACT THEN, don’t even think that it might get better, it wont.

My name is,
Jarold (Sparky) Waid I am a Hack.

Death of a hack.
I am a hack packer

Drivers, cab drives, blacktops, Limousines, sport vans, hacks, old school crap, it is way beyond me, how; if I had done the things that I was accused of years ago – Oh come on, you know – the stuff that I would do today if I had the energy. Ah, you know, wait – if I need to open up and tell you how to drive a cab and how to make money at it then by god do this: respect me for making a living in the taxi business, respect how I have tried to give the ones hugs when they come on board, respect me for always being loyal to a company, respect me for trying to always do what is – was best – for the company, respect me for not saying anything to you or punching you in the nose when I saw you steal openly from the company, whether it has been in objects, parts, maxing out 60 hours on time cards week after week while I work as cab driver. No, dam it, I think I for one deserves to be called what the public, and families and friends, and you, you taxi drivers call me and think about me. Let me stop and put my name to the top of your list.
I am not a Hack
A hack is a taxi cab driver that has paid his dues and I will always be happy to be called a hack. My car or me is in for repairs
If cab drivers would listen and learn from the other hack drivers
Wait they have all left!!
Look at the drivers as they come into your gate room because it is not a gate room, it is a taxi cab lobby where they come in and punch in and in there holey dirty pants, shorts and greed line up, pay the rent, to get out fast and get there car keys wandering around to the lot and getting in there car, hanging out for 20 minutes getting ready to hit the road they slide out the back way , and are lost in there world or they are lost in the dispatchers world for them and down the road in a hour they get a load at the airport.
Doesn’t anyone want to know that, you are not a hack do you care, don’t you have any respect to the people that have sweated there life so you can get in your car and go out and make some real fast cash just for you.
No I don’t think you care a bit I will take my time and try to tell you
I am ready to die and make my maker
But whether my maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another story in its self. Winston c.

I am a Hack
I arrive on time, I get my cab keys and punch in go out to my car, I check the oil, water, transmission fluid Start the car as it warms up I do my paper work and pull up to the check the car my customers know that they will have a clean car and yes I will get a bigger tip. I open the back doors and check my car for trash vacuum the car. Yes let me wash this real fast the outside is dirty for my customers and I need to wipe the dash off for them.
The people you transport are your customer’s, get a bigger tip let them have and yes they deserve a clean car.
Talk nice, smile get out of your car and greet them, open the door for them, open the trunk and put there things in there, now you are learning
Ask then where there going, know how they want to go even it is a longer way that’s what they want offer them a bottle of water, yes carry water 7/24 nice tip there, newspapers.
Always have a box of napkins and let them see it.
All you big city hack / packing heat carry 2 tampons it could save your life. Now you are learning.
Ok let’s roll out into the night 2013
Hack time 1967

Are New York Cabs BLACK

By Sparky
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Should New York re-paint all the Yellow Taxi Cabs BLACK!

The (rich) will buy all the medallions that will fall in price like the building trade did in the past; and
Limbo status at your friendly home town bank! Are still are not on the books at the friendly home town bank! We will have a second wave of re foreclose homes and properties that are in a

The (rich) will buy all the, foreclosed status Medallions at the banks cheap, which is going to pay on all the loans that fail! I think that the use of private hire cars in New York is the end of taxi cabs as we know it in today’s market and Independent Contracting in the United States! I see a huge increase in the private vehicles apps hook ups upswing hitting the nation in all the states; not for hire cars; what a crying shame for the taxi industry, to end in New York! I see a yellow Short Sale coming soon. What the hell are we going to do with all those batteries Look out?
This is just my private thoughts and worry for a lot of drivers
I wish it was raining outside as I walk
No one would see me cry

10 Worst places to drive a taxi!

By Sparky
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Myself I don’t feel there are any bad places
To drive a cab but voted by you!

The number one {1} bad place is!
#1 Klickitat Washington

11 What are lease drivers doing

By Sparky
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What are lease drivers doing$
Well I know that I will get a lot of feed back from this, and I know that the truth hurts at times. I also know that when people like me that have lived day by day; it is way hard to see the other side; but I am telling you this; stop and smell the roses!
You and I know how much a lease is per day and weekends, but lets say it $100.00 7 days a week or $700,00 per week and I don’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that that’s about $3,250.00 – per 4 week month and gas, bring it up to $4000.00. But wait that’s for a 12 hour shift, so the owner gets another $4,000.00 for the other shift. The total for the month is $8,000.00 per month. Are you taken home that kind of money come on be honest, this is almost grand theft the way I look at it. For $8000.00 per month I could work out a deal some where.
What do you think it takes to (outfit the car?) If you want to look on e-bay and or other places you will find a meter is about $225.00 new, online used, $100.00 bucks, top sign is about $100.00 and that a is nice one, The larger A frame type roof signs are about $350.00. You can get a nice sign lettering job for about $250.00 installed from any sign company, well most sign companies. So you have a smart phone get smart, perhaps you can find another driver and team up with. I see there adds in every city. Yes I know about insurance; bonding; city and state licenses; permits and police inspections and State client contracts. Did I forget any thing, yes the little problem of the medallion, well now they are falling in price fast aren’t. The $ one million dollar real deal. Well I am sure that something could be worked out between the two of you. Just my thoughts for what it is worth.
Cars online on Craigslist and other sources I use look New York and all big cities have lots of town cars for sale. They have lots of Lincolns driving past, fares won’t know that you are driving a 1999 or newer, it is all in appearance and attitude 1999 cars don’t coat much to get you going. You can get something going, talk to people, talk to the for hire owners just perhaps they want there cars out there also. If you are honest, maybe there will lease to own the car to you. Get busy people are not going to come to you, so get on the phone make some contacts, call some limo people and see what they have for sale. Call some wineries and see if they know of any limos or blacktop cars for sale good but cheap. But I know you can get a better deal that what you have going on now, trust me. Start you own company, just do it stop giving your cash away!
Let me know what you feel about your own town car service, or for Hire Company, and more money. Thank you, everyone for reading my blog. I do hope you find something useful. I hope you find the rush in driving a taxi cab as I have, I know you will learn but most have the rush. That’s why we are here, shift after shift. If I have written something that offends you, I am sorry, it is the way I feel about things. Enjoy your visit enjoy your day – enjoy life. I am trying hard to get it all that is written disjointed, jointed. I hope you make great tips on your shifts day or nights.
12 Taxi Cabs Yellow Pages

By Sparky
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Do taxi Cab Company’s pay to advertise in the yellow pages?

Do taxi Cab Company’s pay to advertise in the yellow pages?
Aren’t there cars lettered with signage enough?

Well you can not do enough of the yellow pages, but you must have a balance in it cost wise.

Yellow Cab Taxi (too) – too – too
I have always thought that a 4 inch stripe on one or both pages of the phone book and in it.
I have always thought that the best add would be in the middle of the page.
With your taxi name and phone number only.
13 Taxi Cabs, for hire

By Sparky
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As I sit and read all the news about for hire cars from: The Boston Globe and New York City, where they just released 14,000 new phone apps, now that should like the start of the re painting of all yellow cabs in New York to black
As I sit and read all the news about for hire cars from: The vast world of the internet, and the great web sites on it.
As I sit and read all the news about for hire cars, black tops and other stuff from: The great written blog sites that I have read on the web and how taxi drivers bitch about them, the for hire, and vise verse. When are they? The taxi cab drivers going to do something about them. Why it all they can do is is bitch: cry: whine; and feel sorry about how they, the for hire and black tops are stealing loads from them. When are the cab drivers going to wake up and realize that they, the drivers are at fault with this mess? The cab owners that as far as I can see don’t give a crap about a thing, not there people, cars, nor business, except you the driver doing as your told, and that is only this, you take the car, you fill it up at the end of your shift and you turn in your money, you put your cash in the slot that is what it is all about, is it not. Each ones personnel greed for money, and trust me I can look each one of you in the eye and say to you, Have you given your 10% or more to tidings of your beliefs, I think not!

As I sit and read all the news about for hire cars from: The Department of Labor and Industries, Washington.
As I sit and read all the news about for hire cars from: The taxi drivers that I have talked to over my career/ emails
As I sit & remember my friends going for hire cars from: When there were not any for hires, every one was happy,
I can sit here on my butt and say good and bad about both.
Just last night I saw a real big motel, on the internet, and the cab drivers were bitching about the blacktops, town cars, limos, what ever you want to call those for hire cars, they were parked facing the front door 6 car lengths on the left going out the front door, The taxi zone parking was to the right about 6 car lengths, trunk facing the front door and the hoods of the town cars, or about a good 50 feet apart. My point I am trying to make is as far as for hire cars as the state of Washington calls then in this state, Wait what’s that you don’t think that we have for hire cars here. Look up the word flat rate in Seattle/ Redman, Washington. You will see that they have really nice new or new looking taxis from different name companies and I ponder to think:
Would they be taxi cabs with no meter, and a larges graphic sign on each side saying flat rate, but a flat rate to each clients destination like a flat rate town car, blacktop, and / or limo and park in the limo line or:
Are they painted like a taxi so people are fooled so they get in, and oh crap no meter, we just guess or do it by the mile or:
They have a meter perhaps in the glove box and park in the Taxi Cab queue:
Any way just venting here as I looked at that picture and I let mind wanderer is four things in this chess game and in every major city across the board, flat out, wake up!

For Hire
What are lease drivers doing?
Well I know that I will get a lot of feed back from this, and I know that the truth hurts at times. I also know that when people like me; people that have lived day by day; it is way hard to see the other side; but I am telling you this; stop and smell the roses!
You and I know how much a lease/ gate/nut (cash) is per day and weekends, but let’s say it $125.00 / 7 days a week or $875, 00 per week and it don’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that that’s about $3,500.00 – $4,000.00 per 4 week work month. But wait that’s for a 12 hour shift, so the owner gets another $4,000.00 for the other shift. The total for the month is $8,000.00 per month. Are you taken home that kind of money come on be honest, this is almost theft the way I look at it!
What do you think it takes to (outfit the car?) If you want to look on e-bay, Craig list and or other places you will find a meter is about $225.00 new, online used, $100.00 bucks, top sign is about $100.00 and that a is nice one! The larger a frame type roof signs are about $350.00. You can get a nice sign lettering job for about $300.00 installed from any sign company, well most sign companies.
So you have a smart phone get smart, perhaps you can find another driver and team up. I see there adds in every city. Yes I know about insurance; bonding; city and state licenses; permits and police inspections; they are all chimp change, and no big deal. Did I forget any thing, yes the little problem of the medallion. The $one million dollar retirement, real deal plan. Well I am sure that something could be worked out between the two of you.
They most likely have a (bank) payment to make also. Just my thoughts for what it is worth. I think that the medallion loans alone would put a lot of banks out of business, if a or when a problem comes up.
Problems like 52% of the United States out of work.
Problems like 48% of the United States are working to pay benefits to those not working.
Problems like the few large companies shutting down.
Problems like people buying food and shelter, and screw cabs we will walk.
Problems like New York (could) in my head flip 180 degrees in a day.
Problems like I don’t know how many cabs are in New York, 30,000? I don’t really care, as long as there is one left for me any way.
Problems of the cab drivers not getting the cream loads, and moving in to drive the for hire cars, where most clients are nice, polite, and tip big. Where they have perhaps, just maybe a little nicer boss, as there boss is a happy boss over cash flow.
Lets say the cab company of the future uses all the $60 Million start up or what ever cash they had for start up expense on their building these cab cars: or cab of the future cars goes broke, what will replace them? Yes you are right Black Tops top of the line premium car service, the transportation of the future.
So I am thinking what genius scam idea the power of beings will decide on next. I mean you won’t be able to get any car parts, for one they will end up being like the checker taxi cab ended up being, a want to be front yard giant flower pot!
What do you think a medallion will be worth at that point? Some future security plan that is turning in to.
Problems like towns with medallions that have total distress from factories closing; weather Problems like; flooding; acts of god. Look if people are broke; don’t have a job any more; for whatever reason, they don’t take taxi cabs. Period, they walk or find friends to share a ride free.
Cars online on e-bay and other sources I use look New York and all big cities have lots of town cars for sale. They have lots of Lincolns driving past, fares won’t know that you are driving a 1999 or newer; it is all in appearance and attitude. 1999 cars don’t cost much to get you going. You can get something going, talk to people, talk to the for hire owners just perhaps they want there cars out there also, if you are honest, maybe there will lease to own the car to you. Get busy people are not going to come to you, so get on the phone make some contacts, call some limo people and see what they have for sale, call some winery’s and see if they know of any limos or blacktop cars for sale good but cheap. But I know you can get a better deal that what you have going on now; trust me! Start you own company; just do it; stop giving your cash away!
Let me know what you feel about your own town car service, or for Hire Company, and more money!
“Thank you, everyone for reading my blog. I do hope you find something useful. I hope you find the rush in driving a taxi cab as I have, I know you will learn, but most have the rush. That’s why we are here, shift after shift. If I have written something that offends you, I am sorry, it is the way I feel about things! Enjoy your visit ~ enjoy your day ~ enjoy life. I am trying hard to get it all that is written disjointed, jointed. I hope you make great tips on your shifts day and / or nights!
The for hire flat rate cars, blacktops and town cars in this sitting are all over it, almost!
They most likely, are taking care of the doorman, I would take car of the doorman only in a different way, I will tell you how when I get these thoughts out of my mind.
That in each case the for hire black tops are very clean inside and out.
That the drives are very clean inside and out.
That they open the doors for there clients.
That they transfer there luggage away for them at both ends, perhaps even taking it into the motel, hotel, and transfers it to the bellhop/door person.
Taxi Cab Drivers
They are in line at least 100 feet in front of the for hires and are sleeping, reading, eating, smoking, emailing me bitching me out, or what ever cabby’s do as they wait for there fares, wait for there fares, for what to open there own door of your cab themselves and sit down and say hi driver take me a long ways, I tip well. Forget it get off your ass and do something,
Park in there spot or better park in front of the front door walk up to the door person and shake there hand, slide them a ten spot and see what happens, if you really think nothing than you need to go tomorrow and apply for a job delivering pizzas, hell you may make more and you may lose some weight, unless you pull up to there house and don’t get out but just honk your horn or call them and say hi I have your pizza in my car outside at the curb send some one out to get it..
At some point in there life, taxi drivers need to get there act together and say to themselves and other taxi drivers, this is a job, this is a job, how can I scream this to you! How you work at your job is the (salary you choose), the cash you get. Like church you make an offering and god blesses you. If you go to church and nod off and on, you most likely won’t be having much of an output in your life any where.
All you have to do and like other jobs dream how happy you were on your first day of you new job as a Taxi Driver, and now perhaps even years later, you fall into a rut, and ruts are hard to break, extremely hard, but I know you can do it I will show you a few steps to take to make that happen, when I get back on here.
That being said I will tell you about how, I would take care of the doorman only in a different way and if you would listen perhaps today or soon you will have more fares, laugh about what you just did, crap like that, and do be able to defend your self, this is not a game here, this is a job your job and you have to understand as they do for sure, that they are costing you money, lots of money!

So what the crap are you doing sitting three (3) up taxi zone, your not!
You are six (6) up in front of a motel.
What makes you any better than the rest?
What makes you stand out?
Why would you even think about sitting there?
Here is what I would do fast, wear real clean clothes and put a big ass smile on my face, I would than do a drive by and look for the busiest motel, Park around the corner and go in side by a side door only. I would buy two cups of espresso coffee black; come on black is not going to hurt you once. I would walk up to the front door person from the inside only and tell s/he this, LISTEN NOW, damn it I am trying to help you here, tell s/he then, these word, Hi how are you tonight, listen My name is Sparky and I drive a taxi, I just seen you and you looked like you could use a cup of coffee, you don’t give a crap if they throw it away after you leave.

The next thing is this, and don’t hang around, he has a job to do also, but you tell him look I am a good guy could you help me out and get me a ride tonight, I am one #1 in the taxi zone, I will leave my trunk open and wait for you, Hey thank you I would appreciate it a lot and I will take care of you, at that second you put your hand out for a hand shake, make them shake your hand, as I do and slide them the ten ($10,00) in that hand shake. Me I have a card and paper card holders that I use with my business card inside (for there friends and reliefs) to call my cell, but I see each and all of them in person with coffee and ten ($10.00) hand shake.
When I get back I will list a few things that might and will help you.
Dress code, clean shirt, crease in pants, clean shoes, if you have a doubt, look at other drivers that make money and have a great smile on there face.
Your change always in 2x, two different locations, $20.00 in pocket, $20.00 in a FAKE wallet, put large cash in the trunk and hide it period! Never put any thing that you want under your seat, it will be gone fast. Go ahead and put your money bag under your front seat, than jump in the back seat, and see if you see what I see. Don’t ever do that. And speaking of Monet if someone flips you a hundred late at night just say no I don’t have that kind of change, I just started, always all night long every night, you say this right up front, Hi my name is Sparky where are you going and do you have a preferred route I am going to take you (this way) I feel great, (listen now) you are my first ride tonight. Got it, if there bad perhaps knowing you don’t have any money yet will get you by, for one more night.
Clean Cab inside Clean Cab outside. Head rest down always for safety, you don’t want a wire or chain around your neck if it is up, Keep it down! Windows up except for 2 inches down for fresh air don’t get caught off guard with your door unlocked and window down. No smoking in the cab!
I have made more money, if you are allowed to do this, just pay for the gas and troll, travel around hot spots. Works for me, no down time at the airport 75 cabs ahead of me waiting for that tat, giant trip and tip! What if they go just to a hotel 2 miles away, and no tip, I don’t get it!
Well if you are not working you are not making any money. This has always been my trade mark, I drive a cab but I go where I want to go and when I want to go, leave me alone I pay my gate. I have always thought that I could D&W, drive and work and do better than a dispatcher could give me, and yes I know the pro and cons about it, I know I am not a company man yaw right, see you at the bank every week after week, and I will have a great smile on my face, and lease or not, hourly employee or for hire I always will.
If you want to make more money, hustle more, don’t go where other cabs are, think beyond the box, build your company like it or not you are your own boss, and you are your worst enemy, change that.

14 ATM Cash Machines or debit

By Sparky
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Taxi cabs ATM cash machines or debit
Well if one would look at there fleet as just that, and move there ATM machines out that don’t make there nut, all would be better for them, you know who they are and so do they, they are just waiting for you to tell them to leave. So does it, you will feel better about it. I have often thought that a Taxi Cab is like an ATM cash machines
The drivers are in the hole for cash as soon as they hit your front door, they most likely won’t have it in the pocket till on a 12 hour shift, 8 hours. Here is the real truth and how and why! Greed of money, it is the money that the car owners need to cover over there head, One must be care full here, there lease, on the building, car fleet, maintenance of cars, vans, transmissions, overhead per car, not many know what that it is, just the cost of the owners doing business as a fleet owner whether it is one car or hundreds , the bills keep coming in day after day, the income is the same, one must raise the gates to cover cost, And as all drivers know , you must put out house drivers so you can cover the cost of broken cars, higher fuel cost, I mean think about it obis is almost the same as gas is per gallon, and electric cars don’t catch up the gap, we need 50 mpg fuel cost cars period! I see that Chevrolet 2014 have a 4 door and the ford motor company has there police model and the cost of that police equipped was in our town $47,999.00 like the Homeland Security cars do. I have never ever found the reason for the police, and government agency’s to terminate there cars at 75,000 miles 2 years or so. What a waste, but thank you!
The drivers, what do we do to make the gate, well once you find out, you will raise the nut or want a cut, but it is all over greed isn’t it. Well when we get our keys from where ever and pay for the car or the up date to a better car. We know we owe the gate, $150.00 we have to gas up another $44.00. We have loads to pick up, and later tonight we have to get them home, as I call them my private contractors that work for me and my ATM cash machine, During the night as my other bars and motels call me on my cell, I start to hustle faster and faster, as the rush come on and my ATM is looking good.
People that I pick up late at night; in need certain things; that like magic; fly’s out of my trunk.
And then it happens, when the rush is all over at the air port and down at the bars I spot what I am trained to do, excuse me lady, may I help you, yes I have a dead battery, I left my lights on. Do you know a wrecker I could call, well yes that would be me! I can have your car running in 15 minute, we are not aloud to jump cars as we could cross wires and burn out are alternators, so to help people like you that have this problem I have bought a very expensive jumper box. I will hook it up and we will let it charge your battery, and you can relax, as I hooked the jumper box up, leaving the master switch off.
I chanted with her, In a little bit I told her , let me check your battery, I flipped the jumper box switch master to on and ask her to start her car, She said what do I owe you? I told her just like I had said $40.00. No she said, as she sipped me a pile of bills and a pink piece of paper and a big smile, and whispered I think my battery is getting low, I may need a jump, in a few hours.
Point is buy a battery charger is needed here, great investment!
15 Taxi Cabs & Sleeping

By Sparky
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Taxi Cabs & Sleep
Workout, rest
Are you serious?
You want me to risk life with you!
Go get a job!
Do you for one moment believe that people that own
Companies would let you work
One day with you being tired and sleepless.
Think about it, you are in a wreck,
The ambulance driver is tired,
You get to err and the staff is tired,
Everyone is lying around saying,
We will get to you soon,
The MD says I need a nap, like you do
Are these the type of people you want serving you!
Go find another job
! When you won’t come to work
And can’t even stay awake.
How long would you last?
Somewhere else.
You are going to hurt someone soon,
In a wreck, please change your ways.
Take control of your life,
You are out of control, eat better, and adjust your time,
Sleep in a bed 7 hours a day/night,
Go home after work.
Don’t drive a cab and disappear
Off the radio for 3 hours
You are not helping your self or the company.
Not even your fellow drivers enjoy you,
You make them work harder.
You my friend are giving all
Taxi drivers
A bad reputation period!
You need to exit the taxi theatre!
16 Oakland / Portland / N. Seattle Hack

By Sparky
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Klickitat as a kid
Your meter is running
Now you have a friend in the taxi cab business
It was a crisp A.M. early flight out of Portland to Seattle, a short jump to Bellingham, WA.
Method, Mt Saint Helen’s, Mt Rainer, Mt Baker, It was a beautiful flight wheels down Seattle, end of road, well except the bar.
A few smokes, Love that Yukon Jack Liquors out of Canada.
Well Seattle, some one down at the end of the bar said, what you drinking I’ll buy you a drink! I have to wait for my friend to get here. Coffee I said. Well I should have jumped a plane out of town but 30 years later, I guess I will stay but that eve I was in Bellingham WA. looking for a flight back to Portland no flights till the next day so off to a motel change of clothes and off for a cup of coffee and a few smokes maybe some music. A Bar maid said what do you drink I said coffee. She looked at me very funny.
I have had a few jobs, a sign Company, and car lots. Driving a semi truck and than I found a niche in the taxi cab business In Bellingham. I got a job and learned the ropes with a cab company for about 90 days. I was doing OK, but the new company had newer cars & flash. I thought that it might work so I hit up and from that day, now here I am. Don’t get me wrong now I have had my little ups and downs. I have had my bumps, my scars my thoughts wandering what I would be doing if I would have had a good education, if maybe would have a large company or something. Most likely I would have hated it, and here we are today. Old and hurt on Labor and Industries, hoping I heal from this, that my legs and feet, wake up, that the shooting pain stops.
However in my last 26 years here I have made a lot of friends, I have donated a lot of my time to helping handicap people from building a large wheelchair ramps to just a coat or a bag of nuts, things that they don’t have any extra cash for, in exchange for these tribal gifts I do get great hugs, smiles and a big thank you and tons of memories.
I also have learned how to drive a taxi, if you don’t know it can and mostly will drive you!
17 Taxi Cabs & Baby Seats!

By Sparky
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Taxi Cabs & Baby Seats!

All customers must have seat belts, baby’s seats, or boaster seats: PERIOD!
If not, ask them to leave the taxi cab, they will respect you for it!
Never Ever drive and have any one under 1o not strapped into there
Boaster or baby seat period! All Passengers!
Yes, I have been told, we don’t have one; I will just hold the baby!
And I say why did you call a taxi, do you know what you want me to do!
No cab driver will take you with out one a baby seat.
If that is the way they raise and treat there children that is there problem.
I just don’t & won’t ever take them.
I have seen a lot of wrecks and when a passenger goes thou a windshield,
It stays in your head I am not going to have your child
In my head for a long time
Don’t do it! EVER!
$ We have them available for an extra charge $

18 What if I have a Flat Tire

By Sparky
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Now What Change it!
I don’t get it you can start a car, drive a car,
And yet as a professional driver,
You can’t even change a tire!
Do you want to know what I think, and I do know, when I am asked this question. I know that all new drivers and most likely the older drivers, yes the seasoned ones, the tough ones that the ones I like to talk to and or about.
I believe that all owners need to teach all drivers before they start each shift evening or day by checking all there fluids, oil, transmission, water wiper fluid & blades. Also a full safety checks lights and tires. If a driver has a flat and it is a lighted area and for their safety a second car stop by and wait with them and change the tire. Do not attempt this as a driver if it is unsafe, on a freeway and you cannot get over or off the freeway or a dark road, be safe number 1. Do not do this alone on a side street, wait for help.
Try and take care of your car, and it will take care of you



By Sparky
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How much do I tip its simple 20% +
Like they can’t read the meter in front of them! I don’t know why people think a good tip is $1.00 no matter what, does that happen to you? If you are at the airport waiting for a fare, and the airport shuttle comes along don’t let them rip you off. I don’t like the airport transportation parking under ground, and for hires are up top hustling and winning, waiting to be called to the queue, me I like action, I like street flags, I like short fast rides, and I like motels and bars. You will normally get a good tip off those folks unless they lost it all in or Reno. I have been asked this question from the day I started it seems like every day some one says to me, how much is it? Does that include tip? No it does not that is separate depending how I service you and your Luggage. I cannot speak, but for myself gas cost a lot, almost over $4.00 a gallon here guess what engine oil is more, about the same per quart and tune ups are way up there also. Excuse me Mr. Meter maker can you make us a meter that shows a tip on the face of the meter as we drive and all the drivers have had this happen to them. Seeing that I live on the boarder I made a nice sign, that I put on the dash that says: Canada dollar at par+ 10% Tips 20% +. Like they can’t read the meter in front of them.
So the last part is this, if your car is clean, If you are and your clothes are clean, If you have on clean shoes, clean seamed pants, and a nice clean shirt, Stop if this is not your image, your character, you may not be running your company the way you should, well if you want to make money at it that is, this is not the 60s, wake up, start acting like you care, about people, life and yourself. You will be more happy and comfortable, enjoy the cash more.
We had a reason then, wake up. Almost 46% of the United States are on food stamps and or out of work get a life clean up your act & life. Do not pull up to me and offer me a cab at any airport or motel dressed like crap and acting and trying to be a character.
I will take time out of my life to tell you how you can make a nice living out of being a not just a taxi driver, a cab driver a hack, but for your self not me for your self tomorrow go to work and guess what? The second you get to work people that you know will say Sparky is that you inside there,
So if your friends say that to you how do your customer’s feel about you? This is a business, your business clean up your act. Wear clean clothes, shave, wash, and guess what happens at the end of your shift? There you go, now your getting it you have more money, you just got a raise, Don’t bitch to me if you can’t make any money in this business like I did. Look I know how you feel, I have a person that tells me each year when they all do there love thing. They ask me, so are you still driving a cab? Like I am a piece of shit meat, so I say yes sir and I think to my self this person just don’t get life at all, at least I am debt free work and make even if I don’t make the big money and others do I am steady and consistent, they just forget that I zip my pants up the same way as they do.
Me I just try to stay, going down the center of this road as we all call getting older, fast. Please no shorts, no shirts, no work get it! Do you really believe that you will get tips dressed like this? Yes I have seen it coast to coast. Like they can’t read the meter in front of them.



21 drivers pay day loans trap!

By Sparky
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Taxi cabdrivers, for hire Pay day loans trap!

Pay day loans trap! Here the deal, talk to a friend.
You must have a friend that you can borrow a few bucks from or a lot. I do not know what there interest rate is,
But you most likely could do better on the street.
Look doesn’t get trapped in a payday loan.
These are extremely high rates!
Weeks after weeks of not being able to pay the loan,
You pay a huge cash amount just for the interest,
It doesn’t go away. There has to be a better way,
There just has to be.
Take a break, just for 12/24 hours
Than after a good sleep things will look better for you.

22 Taxi drivers tips

By Sparky
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$Two Bucks~ $$

Taxi drivers don’t throw your tips away! As you leave every night /or Morning for your shift do you get into that rut of
Always doing the same thing each and every shift? It is so easy to always turn right, what the hells wrong with turning left? Don’t you understand that you don’t have to use the same radio station every day; the same gas station, the same coffee shop you have choices. And when you adjust yourself to these things you will stop throwing away tips!
Have you ever thought about how much a tip is, take $2 bucks? Now 2 bucks is no big deal! Is it? Well it is a good tip all day long say, you do 25 trips on a slow day that my friend is 50 bucks in your pocket, $ around $750.00 per year and some give you more or less, here lays the problem! You are still giving away your tips! How do you say?
Do you believe that you are doing the right things as you pick up your fares? I feel like and in almost all cases of riding a taxi cab in most states they are all the same; so rather bitch about what you don’t do for your business, and your fare; and that word of mouth advertizing, I will show you a few things that I do that makes my ATM cab buzz:
$5 Bucks~ $$$
Have you ever thought about how much a tip is, take $5 bucks? Now 5 bucks is no big deal! Is it? Well it is a good tip all day long say, you do 25 trips on a slow day that my friend is 50 bucks in your pocket, $ around $2,000.00 per year and some give you more or less, here lays the problem! You are still giving away your tips! How do you say? Watch what I do. Have you always wanted to make more tips? Clean clothes, huge smiles when you first see them, they see you already. It is simple, just do what I write down for you~ do these tomorrow and make more tips! Jump out and open the doors, everyone likes that! Have the trunk ready to open, and yes you take there bags and store it. Be polite & friendly. Ask where they are going & tell them how you are going there; they will agree that it is the fastest way, don’t make them wander how you are going, it will not be there way; they will in there head, think it’s the long way. Tools of the trade; most people that work in a trade has there own tools, electricians; carpenters, repair men.
What are your tools?
Newspapers, Cheapest tip trick going your town paper and U.S.A. Sealed water in the trunk on ice Costco smallest water. In the front seat, tissue large size box offer them one, if it is raining or nor to clean eye glasses, I use the handy count cleaners. First aid kit and band aids in trunk, I use and you may want to also; just go to a large dollar store, or target, where ever and buy the sample kits of things and like me store them in the front seat in a nice display box that you make you and offer them one free no charge, it will make you tons! Be nice, polite to all, once the exit out of your life call them names all you want, look that’s why there are personality’s so we meet all types of people we don’t have to live with them, relax get happy, smile. So many times we let people get into our head, don’t do that, just blow them off fast, laugh at then about how screwed they are after they leave .We need you with a big smile in a few, you have a fare soon.
$8.00 Best Bucks $ $
It is all about tips $

23 cabs and rain and snow

By Sparky
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Do taxicabs drive in the rain and snow? Is it dangerous?

All taxi cabs drive in the rain and snow; we have to be a lot more careful driving as we have to look out for other drivers. In the rain hen it first starts raining the roads get very slippery because of all the contamination on the ground. There is oil, transmission fluid, antifreeze, and other fluids from cars, trucks and buses. There are droppings from trees; brush; grass; clippings; sap; leaves; bird droppings, and lots of other problems on the roads. A lot of people want to drive fast in the rain and our stopping distance is far greater in the rain. We as professorial drivers slow down in the rain, that’s why when it rains out side sometimes it takes us a few more minutes to get to your pickup point You need to plan a few extra minutes to get to your destination also, we have to go slower for your safety, others and us.
All taxi cabs drive in the snow, we have to be extra careful in the snow and bad weather as visibility can be at its worst. All people try to drive in the snow that leads to a huge problem; a lot of drivers have not driven in the snow or even seen snow. People try to drive in the snow with regular tires on there car or SUV, they are the worst. Just because you have4x4, 4 wheel drive, that don’t mean it will go in the snow safely.
For your safely most taxi cabs are chained up or studded tires are put on the cars and in most cases we install sand bags in the trunks of back wheel drive cars for traction. Most cab has studded tires all around on all 4 wheels. Taxi cab drivers are very knowledgeable in bad weather driven, and as you tell when you get picked up to go some where n a cab it can be a very stress full day every day, when we drive in bad weather day and night, we have to be very careful at all intersections for sliding cars and wrecks, just relax we will get you to where you are going, but do plan ahead, it will take us longer~

24 Drivers that live Taxi Cabs?

By Sparky
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I just have to know? How many taxi drivers live in there cab?
There has to be a few, one or two. Perhaps team drivers leased by the week, every other 24 on /24 off hours, maybe more hours 48 on / 24 off. I can see it! I don’t know how you do this, please tell me. Let me know, how do you do this?


25 How to call a good Taxi Cab

By Sparky
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Attributed to: Sparky

YO TAXI! Who go there?

I spent hours reading and researching cab company’s in there yellow pages and internet and it gave me a whole new meaning to the words taxi industry, and it might you also. Take a minute and before you get in a cab look it up, there are cabs you don’t want to get in, look all that one has to do is look on your smart phone and check for there reviews and complaints!

I want to choose who my driver is, I have that right, I can tell who is good and who is bad, I am talking back grounds here, citizens can’t tell.
I don’t want to take cabs that the drivers could be a sex offender or child molester, a murder or what ever. I think to myself when I take a cab, do I have a better chance to die in a limousine or taxi cab. I believe that when you get your for hire license, and I always thought that a taxi cab, a for hire, and a Limousine all needed the same permits But I heard that for hire drivers are exempt from police background checks, are you kidding me where the hell is home land security? Make all for hire and Limos, drivers display an F B I, back ground check license why on duty period!
I don’t want to take cabs that drivers do not have a police background check!
I don’t want to take cabs that drivers do not have an F B I background check!
I don’t want to take cars that look like cabs or act like cabs or vehicles that transport people that are not cabs or for hire with or without insurance, transport me!
I don’t want to take cabs that are over an hour late all the time!
I don’t want to take cabs where the drivers swear at customers!
I don’t want to take a cab where they hang up at me!
I don’t want to take a cabs where there drivers steal from there customers and you!
I don’t want to take a cab where I don’t know if it is a taxi cab or not!
I don’t want to take a smelly taxi cab I hate smoke!
I am thinking; perhaps; just perhaps, I don’t want to take a cab any more ether! Maybe I will walk; it is a nice day out.

Thank you everyone for reading my blog.
I do hope you find something useful.
I hope you find the rush in driving a taxi cab.
I know you will learn, but most have the rush.
That’s why we are here, shift after shift.
If I have written something that offends you,
I am sorry, it is the way I feel about things!
Enjoy your visit – enjoy your day – enjoy life.
I am trying hard to get it all that is disjointed.
I hope you make great tips on your shift!



26 Cost for 12 hours$

By Sparky
Anthologized by: Sparky
Attributed to: Sparky

Well what does it cost to drive a cab for 12 hours?

I don’t know about any one else but my self and I. I work, if there is a back load, I am that guy. Will I get into trouble, what you going to do about it? Call the police; go head to head, well yaw, I have had my butt kicked. Last time was Sacramento, Caliph at the greyhound bus station; after midnight not a good time to go for a walk and stretch. I don’t have a weapons permit for all states, and it is a hassle to fly now days so I just wing it, trust myself with what I know. I don’t do to much that stupid, but that night I met a car load of want to bees; so it was best. First guy was easy for me I always hit first; next three present a problem for me. I felt a hand in my back pocket dishing for my wallet; the next two made me laugh, it was by buddy’s, the drug cops they pulled right up to all of us, me I meant, every one else split. Well I got the rules explained to me that they did not want to come back that night, I was to stay in side the station, if I went outside they were going to find me and lock me up, now I don’t know about you but you can drop me off in any city and I will be ok (except (Oakland) ok 2x there and I lived there in the 60s. I do want to say something else also, I read in the news; perhaps in the gym this afternoon, it may be a New York thing I was hanging around there blog sites early.
Sorry, got carried away watching a cage fight! I always found that over the years, look I smoked all my life, and trust me driving a cab and smoking go hand in hand. I have always felt that I was (Add) any way and have never done any medications or recreation, street drugs period till I got hurt. I only do straight, I am not 420 friendly, but come on, every one I transported, smoked also; there is problem after the 14 of the month, they had no smokes or cash and all drivers know this!
So when they said, watch this; (do you care if I smoke 😉 and I would say no, go ahead. What’s up with this gig? Do you have a spare smoke? Every time I swear to you, stop and ask any cabby s/he will tell you I am right. Here is what bothers me, when smokes cost me $5.00 per pack, I went thru 3 packs a day, I gave away 1 pack almost a day/night and I puffed down the other two packs! I went to Iraq for a few days, and 10 packs of smokes there were $6.00, wrapper was wrapped back wards, was the only difference. I never smoked after I stopped; that’s going on a bunch of years for me 7 I think, yes! That was hard; under doctor’s care; shot in the butt; patch; and that famous; pill! Took me about 6 weeks when I had my scare, stopped every thing, that pill and the puffs, a real bad night, all in 24 hours..
I know stop the crap and tell you what do cab drivers make? Tell us Right? Wrong!
I will not tell you and here is why. There is a code between drivers and that code is, it is there business only, not mine. I would never tell you what I make, why would I mouth off about them. Let me say this, I am a great driver; I hustle; I do things to make money come to me at night. I take credit cards, and cash, fish, I don’t care. However every one I pay off at night wants cash, like most cab drivers. I ponder to think how much income tax we lose, most likely it would pay off a huge part of our nation’s national debt, and me I am stupid. I pay my taxes and they are over 18% stupid me, last time I read about a taxi cab driver audit from I.R.S. there was a gap of & $8,000.00 to $10,000.00 per driver! It is like what everyone says, hell they don’t check; just say you didn’t work that day; week; month. They send me letters, I don’t open them, I throw them in the trash, they don’t check. Me I am stupid, but I pay my taxes and I am proud, that last year I had more than $10,000.00 taken out of my payroll just for Income Tax! It gives great joy to say that when I tried to write it all off, they would not even try to write it upon my profit and lost long form. Crap I wish for an audit, now that would be fun for me. However I like to think that it helps build new schools for your children to go to.
Here is how I feel about it, my taxes. If I have to pay, all taxi drivers should have to pay!
If I have to pay tax on my Social Security everyone should!
If I have to pay tax on my wife’s Social Security, every one should!
All for hire cars owners should have to keep a record for IRS all the cars millage for tax’s and who drove it and those drivers, income tax should be checked by the I.R.S.!
I think that there should be a Government Task Force to check the status of all taxi drivers citizenship in the for hire industries
I think that instead of 50% of the BB / Boarder Patrols / sorry: Home Land Security, (you can tell I am a boarder person eh!,) driving around in circles all day and night wasting gas or sleeping, Instead of kicking cows, we at the boarder sneak up on boarder patrol officers,
They should drive straight into the nearest large town and check cab drivers, in just a few night they would be busier than we are, hell they might just get more drugs, relax, just joking. Speaking of sleeping me did catch an officer sleeping woke him up that was fun watching him rub his sleepy little eyes. And as one of my hobbies I metal detect. I was at the boarder one day and there was an old park there and I got out of the car to detect. As I was walking around I saw two officers walking up the hill toward me, I froze and like a deer, have you ever seen that, what they can do, they just walk away from you in the shadow of the tree. Me as I have been trained to do, I just eased around the tree, waited 2 minutes and walked in a straight line away from then slick, hell they most likely are still up there looking for me.
* “I.R.S. Stands for “Department of Internal Revenue Service”. If you don’t know part of our money a tiny percent goes to them.
We have some times, A “State Income Tax”. A percent goes to them.
Some times on most goods we have a Sales Tax, this I have not seen go over 10% yet, here we are close.
Any way to the (LAYMAN) like you and me, a taxi driver, it is hard to except.
But how do you think I feel as a person that pays taxes, in my country and you don’t pay where you were born here or not!


You pay no taxes!
You pay for no schools yet your children go!

You pay off the books rent, at times, the owners pay no taxes!
You get free food from food banks! You get free food stamps that you sell a percent of to party on and or gas, smokes!
You get a great home to live in or Condo Type Apartment from D.S.H.S: Department of Social Services!
You get sick, you’re primary Doctor, is (ER) Emergency Room at the Hospital!
Even as a For Hire driver, you get into a wreck, you go with an ambulance to the hospital free!

When you get to the hospital they fix you free!
The same as D.S.H.S: Department of Social Services!

Taxi cab transportation for methadone clients, one of the treatments for heroin addicts, no problem but after 4 years Islay maybe it is not working. I also, believe they should live closer to the treatment center during there treatment, there must be millions every day in the united states spent on long haul clients. If not just mail them there drugs, it has to be cheaper than the methadone treatment center alone, forget the thousands in each town that is spent every day in cabs across the board!
Any Dr. Appointment day or night:

Why should I have to be in pain till my doctor’s office opens at 9:00 am and you get a free ride in the taxi cab at midnight to Emergency room, just because you need some drugs, cant you wait
Ear; Eye; Throat; teeth; ear ache.
Free ride to medical appointments after hours med coupons.
There are a lot more soon!
I sit here with my wallet open, looking and pondering to my self, where did I go wrong, are your stupid Sparky or what?
I pay a lot of service people at night; tips to make my cell ring; we do a team work of 2 other drivers to make it happen. I am a nice guy; polite; and guess what? There have been nights that I did not make my (nut); (gate); (split), after I filled the car up with gas, I went negative cash flow, how many people do you know that start there day off in the hole, of almost two hundred and fifty ($250.00) before they eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Than there is coffee I don’t know about you, but 12 hours or 8/10 cups, its $3.00 a pop. Than there is the 3 meals, have you noticed that hamburgers are $8.00 each and do you want fry’s and pop, If you have 2 children, a drive inn is $40.00! And to top all there are three of us for a pile of gate fee that’s about a nickel, $750.00, but all good in the long haul. Do you know that like a tank of gas in your personal car, my self, I like to fill it at 1/2 a tank does that make sense to you. So what I like to do is prepay my gate, get a receipt for it, and the next day I am ready to go, stress free, it is as I call it a no gate day! It just takes the edge off, does that makes sense to you now.
I have overhead as far as paying a tip up front to cover motels counter staff; bars waiters and waitresses; lounges cocktail staff; door service people; bouncers; it all adds up fast, but pays off faster. Here is the deal you listening here now, as you wait in the taxi zone and the blacktop and Limos are outside there cars in there parking spaces bull sexing, yours truly has just pulled up to the back alley door and swooped in and scooped a load from you, I have bills to pay, my cab is a business, run yours like a business get a hustle on! And you have a nice day now you here!
Sorry, I have to run, I need to get to work, and I have taxes to pay!


28 conversations null your tip!

By Sparky
Anthologized by: Sparky
Attributed to: Sparky

WHAT! What are you smoking up there in Washington?
This is my car, I pay for it!
Look relax I am your friend, I am your taxi cab, hack friend and I want to help you, you just do a couple of things on here try it, what if it works for you, what if you made your nut by noon? Now that would be cool, and what if your tip went up 50%, listen twice the tip tomorrow that would be way nice cash money talks ~ bull six walks, let try this just for you. I used to be cab driver years ago and some one had to show me the robes, perhaps you need to be re trained, I know you know it all, just saying! Look you can dump on me, bitch at me, unload, upload whatever, all you need to. I can take it and god knows I need the press and web material for my blog! I am a hack, just remember I hit back after a brief smile.
Yes you can have that attitude, if you want to be one of the 80% of cab drivers an very get by each day, fill the tank try and cheat a couple gallons it wont show up on the gauge, me I let it come out of the over flow pipe, I never cheated my fellow driver, I cared about them two. But if you really want to get the job done, if you really want to make more money and if you want a better home life, if you want to drive around with a big smile on your face, you will pay attendance to me, shut your mouth and listen. At that second, that brief minute you will most likely be called hack, and start making more money. Now I don’t care where you live this world the truth is I want to share my ride as a hack and for you to make a lot more cash and join the 20% club. Excuse me; you don’t know what the 20% club is!

Well if you don’t know and you are a cab/taxi driver than the next best thing for you to do is get into your taxi, start it and go to the nearest truck stop, go in sit at the counter and as a cab/taxi driver look at all the truck drivers.
This is my second cup of coffee and all I see are truck drivers, what the hell do you want me to do? Well I want you now as a cab driver look again, I want you to look for the 20% driver, s/he will be very easy for a cab driver to see, here let me help you they will always, always have on a bright long sleeve shirt, bright in color, and crease pants, nice shoes and a big ass smile on there face, they are the 20% club of truck drivers that make it to the top of there game, the same game you are playing and the same game all play . These truck drivers just jump out at you, and if you, go ahead follow them to there truck and what do you see, yaw, there it is in the line up of semi-trucks 3 or 4 that there truck just also jumps out at you even thou you are a cab driver you seen it with your own eyes, it is clean and shiny, and so is the inside, look go back to your cab and get notice open your eyes!
Who will notice you say, well you mate will like it, your boss will notice, dispatch will notice, office staff will say ah, you going to the doctor or home early today, all will notice. But most important, you will look in the mirror and smile, you look good, you feel good, and you will make more cash!
Once in your car and you does your thing, drive as I do my flag crap, and you perhaps the air port, train/ bus what ever get a rush on, get happy this is your day, smile, I see all those other 80% looking at you, but for get them look and hang out with the 20% percent club hacks. Your making money For each fare you pick up tomorrow they will notice as you stand out, you and your car have that 20% edge, and they will leave biggest tip, and hey we all live on tips right? And yes you will have more respect from your fares and bigger tips and you look at you, you have more respect for you, don’t you, now that cool, what’s going to happen tomorrow


29 Be one of the first cab drivers

By Sparky
Anthologized by: Sparky
Attributed to: Sparky
It is very simple
All you have to do is to be
In front of me in the queue
And you will get scooped fast
Sorry about your damn luck!

Be one of the first cab drivers to get the scoop!
I’m an independent, he said,
Flashing his business card and also
briefly displaying his taxi driver’s license.
Most people really appreciate it,
Especially in the winter when it’s cold
Or in the summer when it is so hot
And they’re waiting outside for a taxi.
When in fact I did know of two people that work as a team
And rented there car from
A rental car service at the airport that they did this at.
One would be inside with a cell phone hustling and would walk
The people out to driver of the black Lincoln
Right to the unloading door; luggage door or per-arrange and yes,
You got it prepaid there ride!


30 Taxi Cab wheelchair Para-transit

By Sparky
Anthologized by: Sparky
Attributed to: Sparky

Thank you Para transit drivers

I drove a Para-transit van for years and years, I loved the people that I transported and up till my accident in 2011, it was my, rush.
Mostly I transported patients from nursing homes to doctor appointments, dentist appointments and the kidney centers, releases from the Hospital to nursing centers and home. My heart goes out to all drivers and owners that do this type of service. I loved my Para-transit job and my clients I will miss each of you,
Drivers Lounge


31 drive a Yellow Cab Taxi

By Sparky
Anthologized by: Sparky
Attributed to: Sparky

Here is the truth about me and Yellow Cab driving!
Here is what I think right up front about all and any taxi cab Company’s, Inc, loc. If you have one cab or hundreds in your fleet it is all about you the owner and driver / Drivers, choose wisely. I have seen about any and all colors of cabs, and mixed that any paint store could paint and yes that includes camouflage cabs and Limos. That being said, what I think and what I am trying to tell every one is why, when you have a choice of Cars, colors, drivers begging for work, people calling for cabs, customers flagging you down, why is it that you can’t even find a clean taxi, a nice driver, and a smooth ride. I mean all you have to do is and this is so hard to do us as humans get into a rut; you need to change your attitude about your self, the owner’s mentality about, what the cars cost? Why so much? I have no money? I work 12 hours myself, just to pay my drivers, what the hell are you doing! I said to myself when I put my blog the Yellow Cab name up for people to see, well I drove one for many years yet I knew people would love me and a few people would have a better idea, that’s the point send it to me. I said to myself sparkly, do this 76th. Post in your Categories, and be nice to people and don’t let your emotions run rapid.
So what is it I want to tell owners and new drivers about Taxi Cabs: Well look at your cab company, when the last time you even was sat inside one or all of your cars? You have a fleet of cars get out of you office and sit in your cars, look for the things a driver may see.
We see writing on the steering wheels, we see the visor trashed, trash under the seats, yes and wallets, purses, sunglasses, watches, cash and coins, cameras umbrellas you name it we find it. The police don’t want it; they need to do a report on it each and every one! We don’t want it, we would have to build a storage shed for all of it, and the people we call very seldom come by. We every 90 days place everything in black trash bags and off it goes to the land fill site. I personally found a cell phone once; we get about 1 every other day when I last worked. I am just saying to you this, if your cars are beat up; get them patched up at least. If they are trashed consider a newer car auction prices are at an all time low, stock up. I think that I say a news piece about the top two electric cars, made me laugh, what’s up, is this true, one gets 14 miles per gallon and the top one gets 21, and god I get 21 in my jeep.

I try hard to act my self 7/24. I know that it has made me good tips and a better ride to and from. Here is what I think about drivers: The world is watching, but guesses what, if you’re a taxi driver you’re watched day and night, when you drive, when you work, when you get in and out of the cab. When you take your fares money, when you give them there change back, you are always being watched. When you least expect it from all walks of life, when you don’t think any one is looking, they are.
If you would just take 3 deep breaths and a few do a few simple things, you will make a lot more money! Yes I think I have seen all from shorts to swim trunks, blue gloves on all day for germs, filth dirt; car out of gas; dead battery’s; just do this for a week this is all I ask of you. You go out smile, relax and pass out business cards for a week, keep names of people bars, motels, and look if you go to the air port I know you have had a hard day/night shift, but don’t go to sleep, I have had so many trips that way, wake up, sorry I drove off with your fare .
Look at it this way; forget what other drivers had told you just try it. Clean cloths, washed and vacuumed car before shift; be happy polite cheerful; say thank you, open the doors for your fares; carry grocery’s up to only the front door; do not enter; don’t do that; tell them no I can not come in! Period. Any thing they lost will be your fault and if there mate comes home, yea all hell could break loose! Look just try it, you will thank me, some day.
I was at a memorial, for a step relative over the week end on Saturday, it seems like at my age others memorials come alone faster, the casket for me if it had wheels would be rolling along at high speed, as I have always had ADD, and tried to hide it, but I wanted to say something in this blog about her, with out saying names of the family or the church. I don’t believe that the church will read this, but the ministers of that church, and the congregation was way overwhelming to me, I lost my mom when I was very little perhaps 8, my brother when I was 16, and my dad about a 9 yeas ago, at that time and each time I did pray and I ask god, why are you doing this to me, why? I guess that I didn’t pray hard enough, my relative was an in 3 sentences, was a woman of god, morning, noon and night 7/24. She was a youth minister to one of the ministers and lived in both of there homes at times, she watched there children and she got sick prayed day and night was so happy to all, and would help all, she died and yes she is in heaven for sure, I will miss you cal, Sparky


32 I quite my job to drive a Yellow Cab

By Sparky
Anthologized by: Sparky
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People are asking me if I drove a taxi in a suit! I think I need a before and after shift shot!
I quite my day job to drive a Yellow Cab at night!

12 Hours piece of cake! No problem. See you tonight, and you have a nice day!
33 Taxi drivers and retirement & SWS

By Sparky
Anthologized by: Sparky
Attributed to: Sparky

I was in the gym today for a few hours and I must say;
I never thought that I would be in a gym riding bikes and walkers, but as I do I hook the safety cable in my pocket, set the bike for 30 minutes, and power upon a 5 scale. I look around me and look at everyone, I can almost here the doctor tell each and every one of them why they need to be in the gym, you need to take off 25 lbs, you need to get you heart rate up, and you blood pressure down, you need to tone up your muscles, me I have a medical condition I wont bore you with the details.
I wanted to say a few things about my retirement that I will painfully will be forced to accept, especially in my mind, which is the hardest. But I still can’t accept the fact that it most likely, is here. You ask what is here. Time, time caught up with me, faster that I would ever dream it would and it wills you! You ask if I am ready to retire, well it is hard to push on the gas pedal or the brakes with numb feet, and legs. My dad just before he passed away told me son time is a non replaceable matter. I am 86, and it went by fast, way fast.
S W S & cab drivers
I wished I would not have gotten hurt and suffered, perhaps I could enjoy a few more years, a few more years when is ( enough,) enough,
What do you have to do to not work? At what point in ones life do you say to your self!
You are hurt don’t work
You are way to old stop working!
It hurts too much work! Stop
Enjoy life to its fullest

Stop Working Stupid!
I have been blessed to be very careful with money and my mate has been better, and I got some from my dad, made a few bucks on selling our old condo, made more buying our new condo. Yes it is nice not to have any bills, some money in the bank if something happens to me, sooner than I know it will. I am to old now to enjoy any new man toys now, but I have done what needed to be done, when I have my problems, and I can rest assured my wife wont have any cash flow problems that combined with my life insurance policy that I have had since preteen collapses and I get it also.
That will be a nice, birthday present, I say this lightly and softly because it in my shoes a taxable income.

That being said, how does a taxi driver that makes minimal wages, save when it takes all s/he makes just to make the nut!
Rent and food become impossible task to manage, yet expected of you, the head of the house, or you’re self
But what happens to you if you get hurt, you are in a wreck, you have a hard bump, get hurt by a fare, what happens.
Well I can damn sure you will need money, or friends that do to help you out. Most taxi drivers I have met and talked to said to me,” I have no savings or friends with money.” When your cash flow stops, and it will, you indeed have a problem! You can look this up under IRS Taxi audits. They say in almost all taxi drivers cases audited there was a discrepancy of on the average of $8,000.00 that, how do you say, drivers just forgot to turn in as a income, you know they just but it in the pocket and got caught. You could get something saved it all adds up fast so get on it.

34 Weekends for a cab driver

By Sparky
Anthologized by: Sparky
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Weekends for a Taxi Cab Driver

How do I start writing about something that never happens to taxi drivers?
We work, sleep, eat, and taxi crap, good and bad! Mostly work 12 hours work shifts, 7/24 – 12 hour shifts sweet, if times are slow, we don’t even get a weekend. It takes that long to make the gate {nut} (car rent ~ lease} fuel money a few packs of smokes or bad food, lots of coffee, black!-sugar or energy drinks. Weekends off – 3 weeks paid Vocations, Christmas bonus No! I see food stamps: public housings: dshs: medical: and my my primary doctor is the ER. I know that it is hard to believe, taxi drivers do have families to go home to and a lot don’t just good friends and real people!
Every one knows your good best friends, you know the ones that you call every once and a while, that you talk to, the ones that will drive all night long, just to help you, or if you help they take care of it, and yes you pay them back not a word said, no need to you just do, that is why you are best friends, that’s one type of friend there are more.
I do have a lot of friends and I thank god I have a long list and a short list of not. One can only try and be friends with people and for me, I most likely instigated the loss, of love and friendship. I can’t change yesterday it is past, I have tried, I don’t beg and tomorrow it may not be here.
You know the ones that you call every once and a while, that you talk to , the ones that will drive all night long just to help you, or if they need you help that’s one type of friend.
There are others fee one’s that you can talk to day or night 7/24. If you have such a great true friend you are a very lucky person, don’t lose s/he but not tonight!

35 Dangers places to drive a cab!

By Sparky
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Someone ask me this question?
Sparky where is the most dangerous place to drive at?

I as a driver I most likely don’t want to know.
I am asking about the most dangerous: only as perhaps steep cliffs, or bad roads or rude people, things like that. Let’s keep the gang crap and {bad streets} out unless you want to know! Perhaps I need to do both just for you! This is all about you, your thoughts, and your questions. Your answers, {and thank you} your pictures and any thing else you want any time!
Hell as a cab driver I need to know, and my guess is, as I was there and made it out alive thank you Jesus
#1 Oakland, California.

36 The 10 Worst places to drive a taxi!

By Sparky
Anthologized by: Sparky
Attributed to: Sparky
Myself I don’t feel there are any bad places
To drive a cab but voted by you!

The number one {1} bad place i#1 Klickitat Washington!
Give me your town or place lets list your place / town
37 The 10 Best places to drive a Taxi

By Sparky
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Here are the
10 best places to drive a taxi
Voted by you and why!

#1 waiting for you here

38 Taxi Cabs and teddy bears

By Sparky
Anthologized by: Sparky
Attributed to: Sparky

There are a lot of pleasures in driving a taxi cab, you hustle and make an honest living, you enjoy it, you have a lot friends; drivers that are your friends; you meet there friends and friends that you meet on the street. If you are a taxi driver you know who at night don’t belong on the streets that you work, you must know to look at a person and tell that they don’t belong they, and when to walk away and not pick them up, you are off duty, and let your friends know why they should not pick them up. There are lots of reasons. Some times people don’t want to pay us, knowing that we won’t call the police, leave the meter running till a report is filled out and than they get a ticket for defrauding a cab driver, and we must go to there hearing no thank you, let them walk in the rain. Word spreads fast in the street, there are more of us out here than the bad guys, and we know some real bad guys. Thank god there are not too many problems, and we don’t like to be reminded, but we are always alert to the dangers of are passion; hate love; and rush that we thrive on.
It was almost 5:00 a.m. when I was down by the marina, I had just dropped off a fisherman, and it was a light raining, wet a dreary night and was leaving the parking lot when I saw the three of them. I pulled over to the curb, and asked are you ok, she could only shake her head no. I got out, opened the back door, she let her two kids in and she buckled them up, I opened the front door; She got in the front seat; I pulled her seat belt out for her as she snapped it into place, I got into the drivers seat and rolled ahead four blocks, so I didn’t get in to bad family situation where I picked her up at. Just a minute I said as I pushed the trunk button, I need to get a book out of my trunk. When I returned I had my bible and three teddy bears, it seams like I need more and more bears in these last few these days.
I asked her to please give the kids a bear and for her to keep one for her self, as I looked the number up I needed. I again ask her how I can help you. Do you want me to call the police? No she said and I made the call, and moved up the street. I told her where I was going to take her, only less than five minutes ahead and at that point a woman, would take care of her and they would call the police if she needed to file any complaints, however she and the kids would be fed, and have a warm safe house to seep in tonight. As I pulled up people were already waiting outside for her and the two children, there was no luggage there seldom is an, just what they wear, as I stopped and opened the doors for them the two kids jumped out and both together said, thank you taxi man for the bears, I said you are welcome, as the mom got out, with tears in her eyes, she could only give me a big hug, and a brief smile, as she and her bear got out of my cab and into the arms of waiting love and help.
I pulled away, smiled, and some one else flagged me down, amazing how life goes on and on. I must remember to go by tomorrow and pick up some more bears for my bear bag I keep in the trunk with my phone address book of people I need to call for help bible; every driver has one or should; there is more to life than a 911 call; or getting hung up with the police; or I will lose a call attitude. In my world I feel that most the drivers are real people and have compassion for people, like you. And for any other drivers, you have done the same thing, many times, a phone call, a free ride, five bucks, helping people, we just never talk about it, its our thing to do, to help street people, all people.

39 Taxi Cabs & Religions

By Sparky
Anthologized by: Sparky
Attributed to: Sparky

Taxi Cab & Religions

I do not want to discuss religions on this web site. Why not? Because there are so many religions
Already here in the United States, Canada and all of the different countries in the world
And you mix that with there religions and believes,
Combine all the world cults & beliefs
No thank you I drive a cab!
I leave religion
And 3 rd world countries religion and beliefs to


To professionals, higher powers, and your personal beliefs
What ever that is and means to you!

However I must say from my travels

And other countries and 3 rd world countries and read my lips only because I am, street street smart. I may be prejudiced against people that don’t pay there tax’s.

I read that the FBI and Home Land security, (look it up, newspaper reporter in Boston got a taxi permit and took the taxi test and drove to do his report), he said that only 1or 2 people per test spoke English and those that did not pass would go and drive blacktops and town cars as heads up now no taxi permit was required to drive nor police report. Do you think flat rate, drivers pay taxes when they have no record in all) It is a must to read, and it to me was a way cool and enlightening well done write up. Thank you, Boston Globe Newspaper.

I have often wondered how people can come to the United States and they pretty much have to fly in to the United States I believe there are international airports with out controlled towers and or security, if that is true, perhaps they should be closed. There are airports that in bound out of country aircraft do land at, (I believe) or they and these do what, well they cost money. Just saying and what do these people do. I believe from what I see, and smell. They lay down a large amount of money to buy a service station or small type of 7/24 fast food or 24 hours small grocery store and taxicab companies. I also see that this type of store, stores and major truck stops At all and every off ramp all south and north bound, east and west major freeways from Canada to Mexico, Los Angles to New York!
Put that scenario together with all the taxi cabs zooming around seemingly going nowhere displaying there beliefs on there mirrors. I believe that alone gives me a desire to exit the work task force! Well along with major medical problems! So no I do not want to talk about it, just be aware, very aware out there, late at night, watch shadows, windows up except for that 1 inch of fresh air, doors locked and your beliefs in your own head, or in my hand perhaps a bible!

I went to a memorial, for a step relative over the week end on Saturday, it seems like at that church, the ministers and the congregation was way overwhelming to me and saying names of the family or the church. Will not matter. I lost my mom when I was very little, my brother when I was 16, and my dad about a 9 yeas ago, at that time and each time I did pray and I ask god, why are you doing this to me, why? I guess that I didn’t pray hard enough, My relative was a in 3 sentences, was a woman of god, morning, noon and night 7/24. She was a youth minister to one of the ministers and lived in both of there homes at times, she watched there children and she got sick she prayed day and night she was so happy to all, and would help all, all in the church and all out side of the church, they lost a friend till they also get to heaven, she died and yes she is in heaven for sure, and now with out pain. I will miss you cal



40 Taxi Cabs & Bikes

By Sparky
Anthologized by: Sparky
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Taxi Cabs & Bikes!
Hello fellow Cabbies!
Here it is what a lot of us have been waiting for
Yes it is here, in most of the states
And all of us need to watch out for bikes.
This is the most important statement,
Do not get in a rush
Getting out if your cab,
Bikes are all around us
When we are driving for 6 months
Without bikes
They flock upon us and all around us,
Please remember to look in you side mirrors
And that as some teens do
And adults
They don’t pay attention to
Stop signs and intersections
This summer
Drive safe bike safe
Enjoy your summer
40 Taxi Cabs & Bikes

By Sparky
Anthologized by: Sparky
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Taxi Cabs & Bikes!
Hello fellow Cabbies!
Here it is what a lot of us have been waiting for
Yes it is here, in most of the states
And all of us need to watch out for bikes.
This is the most important statement,
Do not get in a rush
Getting out if your cab,
Bikes are all around us
When we are driving for 6 months
Without bikes
They flock upon us and all around us,
Please remember to look in you side mirrors
And that as some teens do
And adults
They don’t pay attention to
Stop signs and intersections
This summer
Drive safe bike safe
Enjoy your summer


41 Taxi Cabs & Smoking

By Sparky
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Taxi Cabs & Smoking!

As I travel across the United States and leave the Airport and Motels.
I always tell all taxi drivers and hacks this. If you want to smoke go find another job.
I am not getting into you cab with this car filled with smoke!
If for one second you think your customer can not smell you and your clothes and hair
That is laden in nicotine your wrong.
41 Taxi Cabs & Smoking

By Sparky
Anthologized by: Sparky
Attributed to: Sparky
Taxi Cabs & Smoking!

As I travel across the United States and leave the Airport and Motels.
I always tell all taxi drivers and hacks this. If you want to smoke go find another job.
I am not getting into you cab with this car filled with smoke!
If for one second you think your customer can not smell you and your clothes and hair
That is laden in nicotine your wrong.
42 Taxi Cab Driver: PAWN!

By Sparky
Anthologized by: Sparky
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Taxi Drivers are not
Pawn shops
We do not have the license
To receive pawn items!
It will get you in trouble fast!

42 Taxi Cab Driver: PAWN!

By Sparky
Anthologized by: Sparky
Attributed to: Sparky

Taxi Drivers are not
Pawn shops
We do not have the license
To receive pawn items!
It will get you in trouble fast!

43 Taxi Cabs & Credit Cards?

By Sparky
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Do all cab drivers take
Credit cards?
NO~ why not?

Do all cab drivers take
Credit cards?
NO~ why not?
Well there are 3 things
To take into account here~!
1. the driver and credit cards,
They want cash!
Because there is no paper trail,
If they do taxes!
#2. If they take credit cards
Most company’s want
A 5% to 12% cost of running the card!
When as a driver I told
A customer that, they would say
Well we will just make that your tip}
Also when we take a card
They just sign it, squad for a tip!
3. The main reason is that the company
Gets all there money instantly
And the driver has to wait up to
Three weeks to get paid!
Yet the company wants there
Car lease paid in cash
When we turn in at the
End of our shift shift.

44 Women Taxi rider safety alert!

By Sparky
Anthologized by: Sparky
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Women Taxi Rider Safety Alert!

As a women,
Even if you ride a cab often or not,
Things happen!

I have seen and heard about the worst cases.

Here is what you need to do,
Take a picture of the cabs License plate
Send /or text it to a friend, all women should do this.
If you are alone text it or e- mail it to your self.
If as the driver is going and you {feel} uncomfortable, nervous or there driven is reckless
Here is what you do tell them when you see a store or gas station to go there
Have him ~ her drop you off and call the company for a second cab all will be ok
But you need to report any taxi driver that do things uncomfortable!
And by that I mean thing that a driver says to you sexually
Or touching you your shoulder, arm. Legs any where period
45 Drivers Road Rage Danger

By Sparky
Anthologized by: Sparky
Attributed to: Sparky

• Warning some times as you drive a for hire car, or taxi it is more dangerous behind you than in front of you!
• Road rage starts when you upset some one else that is driving perhaps you didn’t mean it, but they don’t dangerous drivers know that your a taxicab.
• Play it safe move over, slow down, stop and don’t fall into that trap your a professional show it!
• It is simple just do a few of the things below, and all you know!
• Police and other drivers see hack drivers and they see red and speed, lets start changing that today!
• I believe as I travel that for hire car drivers have there act together / hacks better step up to the plate fast!
• Do not tail gate!
• Do not speed!
• Look in your side and rear mirror every 12 seconds, scan your back and side!
• Be drug free! Drive the car; do not be distracted by, your meter, radio, camera, or your customer!
• Do not answer the phone, pull over to talk!
• Do not use any hand devices, phone, games, gaps, and reading, nothing period!
• Do not change lanes!
• Do not go threw yellow lights!
• The most dangerous light is green, look both ways! play it safe move over, do not tail gate
• You are a professional driver show it! Never ever get out of your car to argue.
• Receive bigger tips and a lot of comments about your driving a taxi every day you work, start today!
46 CDS – Cab Driver Stress

By Sparky
Anthologized by: Sparky
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Cab Driver Stress
How to cope with it.
Yes I have heard a ton of things concerning taxi drives and there stress
• You know, you have all seen it, go to get in your cab and the rear view mirror is on the seat, snapped off in rush off bad thoughts.
• You have all got into you car and it is filthy, trash under the seat newspapers in the back and candy wrappers on the side panels.
• You go and do a walk around and lights are out or a new dent, or a big new dent.
Well you know what they say; we don’t live in a perfect world

# 1The number one answer is start your own company
Look I am just messing with you relax, OK. Look, I know , I have ADD, and I can assure you , and my doctor, that I am OK , I am a good guy. Heck even my Clinical Psychologist gave me a clean bill of health.
Here is the real deal, I know it has happen to me hundreds of times during the night / and days behind me. It is almost to much to deal with, but you will, cause your a good guy, your a hack’
There is no secret, each of us are different and we all deal with stress different , myself I can only talk about me and how I get rid of my stress.
You know the things that set us off, our anger, smoking, swearing, drinking all of these are stress I smoked ( 3 ) yes three pack a day for years well, them I gave away a pack a day, I have been drug free for 6 years now, yes I know smoking is not a drug yea ok, if you must!
Trigger points set us off, things like:
A long red light wait you get paid on the meter sitting what the heck you going to do drop your fare and rush back to the airport and sit on you but for two hours, relax
You go to a call and there not there, some one else picked them up, relax you were most likely late any way move on.
You picked up went took 4 people and a ton of bags with you and when you got there they did not tip you big deal, smile be nice. Why do you say because in shorts when you will pick up some one and they will give you a real nice tip? My tip to you is that some people want there change back, get used to it move on and always move on with a smile, and put some pants with a front seam and clean shirt, if you get more tips the next day, I perhaps was right, I am.
Here is the real deal, Drivers that have a positive attitude, jump out and open the door for people and put things like luggage in there trunk, that carry there sacks of food up to the front door are hacks, hacks make about $500.00 $750.00 more per month proven fact than cab driver. It has been proven that people that do not smoke, and drivers that don’t smell of smoke make more. If I call a cab and smell smoke in there car I will tell them to go to the back of the line and I will demand a no smoking car. Look why do you think that the for hires gets loads, they have a no smoking policy, and that being said your cab is a work place and there is no smoking with in 25 feet of it like me or not, most do, but in some states, like Washington, Washington state is like that. We have a firm smoking law, everywhere, and like it or not you cab is a work place, check it out, I am right.
What ever you do after each trip do your paper work , do it right neat don’t get trapped into the I didn’t have enough time to do it, Here is the answer as soon as you are though with your trip and paperwork, and you are in a ( safe space ) step out walk around the car stretch , get back into the car look in the mirror and smile , start each trip happy end each trip, go and get happy and move on and only after you do that then call in a clear to the dispatchers. Only at that time are you clear, do
not let dispatch, get your rush on, it wont work, you will get stressed out change that mood fast
We all have habits thing that we tend to drop into on a daily work day / week and after a 12 hour shift and it is 6 P.M. /6 A.M. things change. It has been a long night some drift off and goes home, that’s there safe mode. Others meet up and have a breakfast / or dinner, yet a.m. or p.m.others, just hook up for a few drinks. There is that 20% that, believe it or not they just go out and go for a nice quite soft drive to relax, and others go for a walk, jogging, or to a gym. You see it is so very easy to put on 25 lbs or more depending on ones diet while working. It is such a fast past life don’t get caught in the trap over fast food, take a lunch break, do your body a favor it will catch up with you in the near future and if you believe for a second that that’s a lie, drive over to any airport and park just watch the drivers, there helping customers with there luggage, opening the doors for them, big smile when they walk up, hey it is all about the tip isn’t it.
47 Crying

By Sparky
Anthologized by: Sparky
Attributed to: Sparky

I read this on the web this week end and I liked it.
I just wanted to pass it on.
Author unknown
” I love walking in the rain
No one knows I am crying”

But tonight; I know you are there. Please watch over me.
I know I will be tired in 12 Hours and not you
Most people don’t think that you do 7/24

Help me make my gate and fuel, and good tips
Because I need to help you, God, thank you.

52 Taxi Cab Bible

By Sparky
Anthologized by: Sparky
Attributed to: Sparky
Taxi Cab Bible

David D.A.C. David Allan Coe David wrote a song called:
(Will you miss me when I am gone?) David, I am going to request that song some day, thanks you!
And down in Texas old Willie Nelson wrote: (Roll me up and smoke me when I am gone.)
Thank God Washington State oks this bill for weed!

Up near Seattle a old yellow cab driver always wrote in his book: Things that needed to be remembered: Birthdays dates that need to be remembered for his customers dates, names, pets names,
Phone numbers of important things, not for him but for his customers.
It is so important that all cab drivers know not only all the Motels & bars but who is working there.
I feel that once you know who is working at the bars and motels day and night that at those them you gradated from cab school.

Remember that cab drivers that always take the time to make sure his passengers were always safe
Seat belts, no baby seat no problem there is one in the trunk. That always made sure his passengers were safe and no sharing rides with the wrong people. He seemed to know all the people.
In the casinos, yet never gambled. He knew all the police, fire rescue, ambulance drivers but was never hurt. A cab driver, that carried the groceries up for me, that fed my dog, that fed my cat, that fixed the television, that loaned me money, that let me pay him back by the month.
That always with respect called the man a drunken Indian. The Chief and drunk or not The Chief knew it was the cab driver! The one that when he had a seizure, and stopped breathing gave him life. The week before the checks came out The Chief always found a bottle to stay warm on those extra cold nights under the bridge that was his home, he liked that we, had a hiding place for his treasures that he looked for and found a few times a month, cash, personal items a gift card for 7/11. That always had respect for his partner. That would always have all his phone numbers written down to the bus, the train, the bar, the motel, the police, the safe house people, all of the nursing homes, missions, the church food banks and hot meals and every thing else. The driver called it his taxi bible. Now he has left to read his book Taxi Cab Bible.

Author: Jarold (Sparky) Waid.
Cab Driver in the Sky / Ghost rider in the cab

I will be giving you a bunch of thoughts this next week some you need, some you will trash, a word here a thought there. Just trying to get you a few things that would work for the song Taxi Cab Bible

Warning: This Web Site / blog is @ Copied righted 2013
Cab Driver in the Sky / Ghost rider in the sky / Thank you Sparky!
53 Coming Soon

By Sparky
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Coming Soon
54 High School Colwich WA

By Sparky
Anthologized by: Sparky
Attributed to: Sparky
Well here we are in Yakima WA north of town out towards Colwich WA and Teton well about 5 mile out of town my dad bought a wrecking yard, a garage and a county dump / landfill.
I may have noted I was an engineer there! I drove the d8 cat every night after school and I now only as I read what I wrote that all of this was setting me up for taxi driving most likely there are only a hand full of people here that understand the taxi business in full and how to stay out of trouble, I will explain some later when I get to those chapters in my life.
Let’s stay in high school, which lets face it in the 60s in small towns they just ran you thou school like sheep. I believe I got straight d- and a few f s.
How is a kid suppose to study and do homework when the second you get home you have to do chores till dark and that might be 9:00 I just worked went to school and sleeted and worked.
I suppose that all went like this till I went into the service at 17. I came home one night and my brother had a car wreck and was killed so I said screw it and left for the service.
55 late teens

By Sparky
Anthologized by: Sparky
Attributed to: Sparky

Childhood to late teens
Well I have been told to write more about my child hood and under.
All I remember is Minnesota and out on a 5 acres ranch and an old cabin small lake my brother, a wind machine boat now that’s scary trust me and his friend. I also remember the largest turtles that I have ever seen very large, like three (3) feet around.
I believe bass fishing and cat fish fishing

I also remember my mom and dad trying to get me to stay and live there, now that was trauma for sure, but they came back and got me. I often wandered later in life if I would have had a better life there, but you know that all things in life are like baby bumps for the large hills ahead in life.
I don’t remember moving from Minnesota to Washington the 1 bed room cabin in Wakes. The wrecking yard there lots of real hard work, lots of running all around the woods, I collected bugs, butterfly’s, snakes, yes rattlesnakes,
Soon my dad got a job at the company lumber mill in Klickitat and we moved into a large 2 story home my brother and I shared all the upstairs 2 bed rooms and a bath now that was way cool.

Than for her age my mom died very young. I was maybe 9 /10
We had just moved into our new home I was in grade school in the summer I drove a tractor and I pulled a trailer with garden and corn eggs and stuff around town for a guy, that was a way neat job and I delivered news papers[, the early am.
All was fine till he took me out of town and was digging water well and showing me how to light the dynamite bang one more ass whipping.
I started to get into a little trouble’ me and someone else late one night, 3 in the am broke into a tavern there the only one in town and being the Jessie James gang I . We were we went into the back door into the bar by the open cash register there was a large amount of quarters in a round change dispenser, most likely I was smoking then so we took a few packs of smokes and split.

That being said puff a sheriff showed up at our house came upstairs and oh shit under my pillow was a bunch of quarters and smokes some how dad got or rather kept me out of dh or jail being the bad ass I was at the time.

So Sunday came and I went to church with my uncle and we went for a short drive after Sunday school and before church started so we were driving along enjoying our smoke and damn Carl why did you drop yours, you looked down and tried to get the cigarette picked up . I looked up just as at 30 miles per hour you hit that light pole, the pole did not move, and yes we did make it back to the church parking lot just as the fire truck went screaming by and I had a handkerchief for my head that smashed into the windshield, yes I was bleeding from my forehead as my dad ask if that was me in the wreck, I said what wreck yea I got may ass beat for that why do strict dads wear big wide belts that draw blood?

It must have been a few near drowning on my part as I was swimming and floating down the Klickitat river as recreation fun when I was an\bout 12 , but when I got thru it, all the whirlpool under tow , now that got my attention for sure . We had a swimming hole it is still there today where we would swim across the river and the current is way strong on the river down town. We would ride the train up the river and float down way cool and yes cold, I remember in those days that we would watch the deer all lined up for miles migrating for hours and hour every year, now I take my jeep up to mount Baker on the week ends and ( Never have seen a deer up there ever,) but yes here in Bellingham they are all over.

The one thing I did enjoy in Klickitat is the snakes, I loved rattlesnakes caught a lot of the like. I said I had perhaps 250 quart and pint bottles of formaldehyde with all the snakes and bugs in and salamanders when the house fire happened.

I may have had a smoke and set fire to my bedroom up stairs, every one got out of the large two bedrooms and bath upstairs but than it happened.

The fireman in the bottom of the house trying to but out the fire and the firemen trying to put the fire out on the roof when

Yes it happen all of my prize snakes bugs and jars of insects fell thou the upstairs floor to the firemen,
damn now its dark it has flames it is crackling there is water smoke flames sirens and snakes all over the floor now at midnight this is a problem
Yes you guessed it oh the firemen all split till they thought it out and yes I got my ass beat again.
It was most likely at this time that I finish conformation 4 years in the Lutheran church, and most likely the mill was shutting down anyway so we moved.


58 A little about me

By Sparky
Anthologized by: Sparky
Attributed to: Sparky

YO TAXI Growing up Your meter Now you have a friend in the taxi cab business

We moved into a large house in Klickitat, my brother Jimmy, sister Rosetta and I. Wait what’s this, a new mom, a new step mom and oh well I get to play at the junk yard and work hard, I remember that when I heard or seen a big semi truck drive up I would like to get sick fast, as we had to load that truck to the top with all the steel parts that were going to Portland and then about a week later we would have some real nice food and new shoes.
Now that was fun 3 times a year, Dad always tried to keep all of us feed and cloth, he was a very hard worker and I followed those steps even today 70 years later. Shortly after It was a whirl wind mom passed on, Dad at work 6/7 day per week.

It seemed like just a few years , but I know that it was longer when dad left for a week and the next thing I knew we all had moved and we were in Yakima at a large junk yard acres of cars and a 2 bay shop hexagon an built out of 2”x2” short pieces of wood, 4” 6“ and 12” in length. It also was a trash land fill and my job after school was a lot collect the money from people for dumping there junk, go to the land fill about 1 mile away sort the good from the bad, yes you guessed it we also had a ongoing garage sale.
I also was an engineer as I was going thus high school, it was my job to push all the trash over the bank and bury it now for some one going thou high school what more would one need.

High school kids were truly friends for all three years that I went to high school my brother graduated 2 years before me and left home to work over north east of Moses. I had my 1932 Chevrolet coupe rumble seat old school car,
And the call came in I was warming up by our only heat a large wood burning stove, it was the police, my brother he would have been 21 was dead his body was found under his car, he had hit black ice and flipped over and over into a field. I miss you Jimmy.
I told my dad that things just was not going good for me and I had a small GTA charge against me, god I wished my buddy would have told me had stolen the car I would have given him a car I only had a dozen that ran and dad let me use. I miss you Gary see you soon next year. Your meter is running :Now you have a friend in the taxi cab business
Any way my dad said he would buy me a new car if I would stay.
I left I did not hesitate.

Next thing I knew I was in San Diego California U.S.N. Training center. Forget the time 90 days. I flunked the navy test twice, next thing I know I am on my way to a aircraft carrier, a mail plane pick me up and I am going to the USS Midway a air craft carrier to meet my air craft squadron off the coast of Japan Now if you want long hard 7/24 work do what I did.
I was in a fighter squadron that were flying jets off aircraft carriers and land bases where ever the plane was assigned to went, I would go.
The good news is that they, the pilots watched over me and raised me till I left 4 years later
Because again of my physical hard work I did not go up there ladder in rank as grade school and high school my reason of writing this is to see if may others that read this lose there advancement to hard work and no study time. I am always missing this squadron
After the service I decided what the heck lets relax, so I packed my crap in Oakland and jumped a plane to Portland Oregon airport. I was walking out of the airport and someone picked me up turned left and I ended up in The Dallas Oregon low on funds.
I went to the unemployment office and as I was waiting in line when this overall older looking gent came up and said he wanted to talk to me he had a job for me and yes for that time I was just turning 22, I ask what he wanted me to learn and do. I stayed with that sign company till he sold his company to the state of Oregon, Back to the airport. The next flight out was Seattle, I miss You Oregon
Your meters running
Two numbers stick in my mind as I write this journal about my self as the days and nights fly by. Hours, days, weeks, months, years. Those numbers are the number 70 arriving from my birthday of 06-29-1943 coming up real fast and the number 31, a small number that is very big and way more important than the first, a number that helps save the lives of people all over the world.
Years, after years fly by and yet I am the last one to say S l OW DOWN relaxes, yet what does a cab driver do. We \ work 10 / 12 hours shifts 6 days a week to keep our heads above water, pay our bills as most of us have grown up having nothing. I was raised like that, Born the younger of 2 children in the 40’s it was not a fun time for my folks, my brother and I. My folks moved from Minnesota in early 1950s. I never did find my other brother, but I have searched, very hard, I thought that it would be easy with computers.
My dad was a trapper in Minnesota and ran trap lines, had a few jobs working for smelters, on the docks and odd jobs. I don’t remember much about that time no relatives in my life. I guess I did not really have any neither love nor brother companionship during those years, nor the years to come. It seems like my life seems to run in 10-15 year squints and I am the one that is running out of squirts and also has the end problems over the outcome of it all.
As a young boy at maybe 6/8 we moved to Klickitat Washington I kind of liked Klickitat, as I had friends there, I went to grade school there, I went to Lutheran church there, I was babtistised there, and I played there: swam the river there and floated down it with friend, all gone now. I also learned to work there, very hard. I had to keep up with my brother you know.
Up river from Klickitat about maybe 10 miles there was a dry ice company and a bit more was wakeups, Washington I lived in a 2 room cabin there for a few years, than we moved to Klickitat. Across the river about 1/2 mile was the swale creek, a bridge and on the right was my dads wrecking yard. On the left was in the center of the creek around 4 foot high circular Indian sweat house and yes I used it a lot over the years.
I remember vaguely the day my dad told my brother and me that my mom had went to heaven, she was young for her age and sick, it was best for her I miss her a lot. My brother showed me how to cry at 6 or 8 and held me, thank you Jimmy, see you soon.


62 Things you should know

By Sparky
Anthologized by: Sparky
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Before you start thinking to hard about driving a cab you should know!

Before you start thinking to hard about driving a cab you should know! It still scares me at night at times and I am a journeyman. I am a hack! I am one of the 20% the wages are low like working at an all night service station or 7/24 food stores. You are up 12 hours hard time. Than rush, rush, rush than wait, wait, wait.
It is dangerous, at night you must like the night life: bars: drunk’s happy and mad ones: hookers: druggies: err Clint’s: police: fire: dogs and rats!
You must love the rush if you look at it as a job, you will get ate up fast or you will do this the rest of your life, every one is different and all are characters!

63 A Yellow Cab Advertisement ad!

By Sparky
Anthologized by: Sparky
Attributed to: Sparky
Well now that I have you attention:
This was an advertising test page.
Thank you Sparky

But I also want to say this about yellow cab. Have you as an owner or taxi cab driver thought about how much more money you would make driving a yellow cab than other color of or name of a taxi cab company. Why do you know I would make more money you ask? Well all Yellow Cabs advertise in the yellow pages, you are just a (tag) along, but it works for all. Look it up, it is true. New York has about 40,000 Yellow Cabs; I think that alone is a pretty big hit, don’t you?
Well for one, every one will ask about and for a yellow cab at the airport this is in there head, they grew up around yellow cabs and also they will look in the phone book and online for yellow cab. Just in case you’re from a small hick town in Washington, or somewhere, I was raised in Wakes WA population 4 homes, o yellow cabs 5 cars. But in New York pea pole don’t have cars, they walk or they take a tow car, sorry, perhaps a taxi cab, and that will be yellow thank you. They will have it on there smart phones. I mean lets face it that’s all they have in New York City and mid west, this is a big thing, it is yellow, yellow And yellow
Most yellow cab companies have hundreds of cabs, and most all make money and they are very busy, yes they are. If you think not, than you are kidding yourself. Put your beer down: turn off the television: get in your car at bar closing time and watch the neat parade of yellow cabs picking up fares, cool isn’t it? Next let’s go watch them at the airport, there’s an overseas flight due in 15 minutes. Oh my god there is a bunch of them this morning, isn’t there, wait I think I see a green cab, way back there in the end, well there is always another flight , in a few hours.

64 Taxi – truck

driving Iraq

By Sparky
Anthologized by: Sparky
Attributed to: Sparky

Well I did it I crash my computer I was typing taxi crap so fast. I just wanted everyone to know that all the taxi stuff in this book is about me. I will be 70 years old in June 29, 2013. Not one word was copied into my blog, nor do I use links yet it is just years of listening. Watching, and doing. I have drove 22 years for yellow cab in Bellingham Washington now Ferndale Washington except for two years that I drove for a cattle yard company in Lynden Washington delivering cattle feed from Vancouver be to mostly Yakima valley, Idaho Tillamook Oregon and silage back for the mushroom farms in Canada I drove doubles two trailers The story about my truck driving is quite a story: I think.
I wanted to drive a large truck and ( make the big money ) so I went down to the Department of Licenses and got a cal book read it 4 times went back the next day re read the book in my jeep went in and took the test. I passed the test and went up to get my i.e. Commercial Drivers License truck license.
Well that was a fun thing there, they told me that I had to take a truck driving test, I never drove a big truck, but I knew I could.
Now I don’t know about you but I don’t know any one that would let me at that time use there large truck and two trailers to take a truck driving test. Then I got a great idea as I always do there was 3 people that gave the test one was on two weeks vocation, the next didn’t want to do it any more soooooooooooo I called the 3 rd got hold of a person right away and I was right up front with him, I had never pulled two trailers, I had never drove a big semi truck except in Yakima at a cement company for twp season.
I ask if I could pay to have him teach me to drive the truck he said yes $60.00 per hour two hour minimums now in my head that was cheap. I met him at his truck the next Saturday and he was a hour late so I hung around he took me around the truck for about 15 minutes than he said we were going for a test drive, now for me to here those words that was a man there. We went out I was such a great truck driver keeping that big rig on my side of the road and out of the ditch 350 hp and 13 speeds I was a wiz, till I got back to the starting point and yes we both conceded and agreed that I could use just a little bit more training. We were to meet the next Saturday and he called he canceled, didn’t he know much money he was costing a big truck driver like me. One more week end he also called and said he was sick but would meet me two evenings later, we met I drove for 2 hours around flat land and up Alabama hill now that was scary for me, back at the starting point I signed my ticket off I paid him and I went and got my Commercial Drivers License let me tell you I was so happy. Smiling from ear to ear. I needed to get home tomorrow I was getting my new job, STD Semi Truck Driving, I slept like a baby I was so happy up at six shaved fresh hot shower, new jeans new shirt haircut I was one happy dude.
Short Lived
Now I live in Bellingham and we have a lot of trucking company’s here I spent the day going company to company any where there was a truck I went in WTA, Bellair charters, the trash company the next day I went to Skagit same thing I had no clue You must have driving experience, now I dot know about you but I had none recent
But being the determined person I was and I pushed on.
I arrived at about 4:00 P.M. On Thursday after noon and I was way tired, but I stopped in Lynden at a feed delivery company, after searching all day, over 9 hours. went up stairs and a getable was there I asked him if they were hiring he said yes, I got happy he said when could you start I said right then, he called another person out and he took me for a test drive he said he could tell that I had not driven in a while I told him I had not that I just got out of truck driven school, well that is the truth I paid for it all 4 hours
I was told to come back at 5:00 in the A.M. and they would have my insurance papers all done that I had signed before I left.
Got to that job early hooked up with a super nice guy thank god. He said I was to drive up to Canada will all went well. I did not hit any one and in 2 years I only ran over a light pole in Lynden at the coffee shop parking lot. All would have been that Rainey morning at 4:00 had not the two boarder agents had not parked there where I turn into the coffee shop, once a week
My truck was good to me I only got real scared 3 times and no wrecks. 2 over weights and now tonight no traffic ticks in most likely 18 years
I called my company one night coming over the pass and told the owner that I was parking the truck as soon as I had it washed, I quit, I lived in that truck day and night And I worked my tail off for then, isn’t it funny how Christians at times get so confused about life and growing up and old and get so greedy and lies fly but I guess god only know that part of life that they will answer to not me.
If I work for some one than that’s what I do I work 7/24 for a company and as the years go by and people screw you and talk behind your back I can only laugh about it because there’s not one thing I can do about it, Except to say see you at the y in the road I hope you go where I am going.
I almost beat them to heaven or hell as I decided to take a little flight down to Texas, I signed up to Halliburton, (k b r) hung out there for a few weeks and then got a flight thou to Germany fueled up and went to the, ( U.A E.) United Arabic Nations. Stopped there for a few days, of (R&R) rest and relaxation before we landed at the theater, than the phone rang, flight into Iraq that night landed dead at night 60 degree dive zig zag pancake in, fast load into a truck. Heavy guards all had guns but us, we never did get a weapon, You know you can’t trust a tanker truck driver, well ok I had no problem, I had a flair, and I thought, I had tamped for bullet holes and if I went everyone near me would go, I carried that flair day and night, right behind my steel chest vest plate. Any way closed to airfield we went about maybe xx miles to the US Army first cavalry Black Jack division Camp, all was fine till we got to that point and as we came around that corner there were xxx tanks pointed at us. Xxx guards came on board and walked thou the bus to the rear fast than came from behind us for our passports and took them; there was lots of guards’ outside and full up ready.
I believe we may be there as that was the only way out other than the, ( Grey Ghost ) night flight out, body bags and sick people, a people with missing parts and very bad wounds real warriors: real soldier’s: real men and women. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
That’s the plane that transports the wounded and dead nightly to a safe house camp and hospital. That’s all I will say about that, XXX pays from wheels up your home town to return Iran to Germany, to Houston to wheels down where you signed up at. I called Ron, my old boss and said, ok that scared me enough and told him I needed a Job I was there 3 weeks way two much for me that was 6 ½ years ago I don’t drive truck any more,
And you have a nice day now
65 Jeep pictures Mt Baker

By Sparky
Anthologized by: Sparky
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66 Taxi Driver Games

By Sparky
Anthologized by: Sparky
Attributed to: Sparky
There are a number of games to play when you get bored
One or all may get you in trouble with the law or in jail!
As you drive thru town and all know that we are in a hurry to get to are next fare, and there is a cab only in front of you; at a light and you want to turn right; just pusher butt out into the intersection a wee bit and turn right; no problem. Warning, cabs only! And you might want to know the driver well!
You go into the queue and there are two or three cabs in front of you, get your hustle on write a fake name on a 8.5 x 11 blank yellow hard type of paper these are good one on each side , so as people approach the cabs and your say three up; do this; walk towards them hold up the name card, clip board or a chalk board with a name on it in a very wide heavy black tip pen, so the other drivers think all is cool and it will be for you soon, such tell the other drivers how you hate to come to the airport and wait for these people to get there luggage crap like that, be nice it works every time over and over! As fares walk towards you ask out loud, say softly do you need a cab; NOW LISTEN UP HERE, do you need a cab Mr. Smith. In each case they will look in your eyes, smile and say back to you, so the other want to Bee’s cab drivers can here them, yes I am Mr. Smith and I do need a cab, works like a charm! Please ask them there real name when you are under way.
If someone tells you to take them to a bar and they say to you, I need to go in and get some change, remember you have change and all bars have back doors and you have change, except at nights $20.00 only that’s it, don’t get stupid and don’t show cash, Keep your cash in the trunk till you need it, ( alone) at a lighted service station and only $50.00 on you in two separate places, like your shirt and your pants pocket and fake wallet.
You go into the airport and you place a sign on the (house phone) with a sticky pad, so the camera don’t see you, phone out of order with your cell number on it, that phone number will be a cheap $20.00 prepaid phone that you will be using to call the other cabs and get them out of the airport or where ever you need them moved away from you at, change phones a lot don’t use the same phone over and over, throw it away.
67 Saturday Night Taxi Cab drivers

By Sparky
Anthologized by: Sparky
Attributed to: Sparky

Saturday Niter Taxi Cab drivers, email me!
So I know you are out hitting the queue’s hard, 6:00 P.m. out the gate; leaving the yard, or what I always say, {Sparky out the chute} any one want to use my saying it has been good to me, some one needs to carry my torch, might as well be you! Try it you will like it, say it firm and slow, there you go good job. You getting you rush on; I know here I sit on my butt and can’t get out tonight, but that don’t stop me from thinking about you drivers and your night on the road tonight. I hope all of you get your gate nut up front fast, that’s my thoughts and wishes for you, and stay safe. I do miss this rush, just not able to do it yet; soon I hope; but I know in my heart it is over for me as a driver, so sad.
Here is why I wanted to drop you all a line tonight. If you are in the queue tonight at the airport and get a chance drop me a hi, or ask me a question, perhaps I can answer it, or tell you what I would do about it right or wrong. Perhaps it is in one of my more than 70 bog post at or drop me a commit, I will get back to you fast, my email is Any way I just wanted to say hi to all the drivers on duty tonight across the United States from Washington state, West coast, near the Canada boarder about 100 miles north of Seattle.
To all drivers out there tonight or any shift day or night have a great shift, perhaps the best shift this month, or ever! Stay calm, relaxed, and at peace with your self. You do all the positive things that you need to do to make bigger and more tips. Smile at all, be polite, open doors, carry luggage and bags, be nice. After you drive away let it out and smile all shift long, see where your tips are at the end of you shift. See I told you so, look at your bottom line you made more tonight than most nights and it is all about you and your positive attitude that you can have and must keep as you work. To you tonight, I say to you, Good job ~ Hustle hard! And me, I am out the chute, good night all!
68 Taxi Love & Lust

By Sparky
Anthologized by: Sparky
Attributed to: Sparky
Taxi cab back seat Love Lust
Here is the real deal ~ do not do this!
Your cab is a business ~ {not a pick-up bar}!

Taxi cab back seat Love Lust
I was told once~
Sparky if you think for one minute that a cute 21 year old chick wants you
And not your money
Look in the mirror!
69 Taxi Cabs & Liquor

By Sparky
Anthologized by: Sparky
Attributed to: Sparky
Taxi Drivers are not Liquor Stores

Taxi Cabs are not Liquor Stores

Beer, Wine, Liquor, WL & Tobacco & Weed
When you go a store and buy liquor, you are 21
When you leave and deliver it to a home or motel
They might not be 21
That’s when you get busted!
The police & ATF
Alcohol tobacco and firearms
Don’t like that doesn’t do that!
70 What is your Taxi pet

By Sparky
Anthologized by: Sparky
Attributed to: Sparky
What is your taxi pet?
Do you take this pet to work?

I guess I am here thinking of all the past cab rides!

I have seen a monkey, a dog, 2 dogs, a cat, 2 cats, a bird and a 2 person cab, {great service}
That’s It let me know! What do you haul around you taxi or
What have you seen!
Warning: I just don’t like snakes, don’t go there.
Send me a pet picture!

Warning, I think this is unsafe driving habits, am I wrong?
Distraction at the least

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