Are taxicabs ATM machines?

cropped-yo-taxi.jpgAre taxicabs ATM Cash Machines or debit cars

By Sparky
Anthologized by: Sparky
Attributed to: Sparky

Are taxi cabs ATM cash machines or debit cars.
Well if one would look at there fleet as just that, and move there ATM machines out that don’t make there nut, all would be better for them, you know who they are and so do they, they are just waiting for you to tell them to leave. So does it, you will feel better about it. I have often thought that a Taxi Cab is like an ATM cash machines
The drivers are in the hole for cash as soon as they hit your front door, they most likely won’t have it in the pocket till on a 12 hour shift, 8 hours. Here is the real truth and how and why! Greed of money, it is the money that the car owners need to cover over there head, One must be care full here, there lease, on the building, car fleet, maintenance of cars, vans, transmissions, overhead per car, not many know what that it is, just the cost of the owners doing business as a fleet owner whether it is one car or hundreds , the bills keep coming in day after day, the income is the same, one must raise the gates to cover cost, And as all drivers know , you must put out house drivers so you can cover the cost of broken cars, higher fuel cost, I mean think about it obis is almost the same as gas is per gallon, and electric cars don’t catch up the gap, we need 50 mpg fuel cost cars period! I see that Chevrolet 2014 have a 4 door and the ford motor company has there police model and the cost of that police equipped was in our town $47,999.00 like the Homeland Security cars do. I have never ever found the reason for the police, and government agency’s to terminate there cars at 75,000 miles 2 years or so. What a waste, but thank you!
The drivers, what do we do to make the gate, well once you find out, you will raise the nut or want a cut, but it is all over greed isn’t it. Well when we get our keys from where ever and pay for the car or the up date to a better car. We know we owe the gate, $150.00 we have to gas up another $44.00. We have loads to pick up, and later tonight we have to get them home, as I call them my private contractors that work for me and my ATM cash machine, During the night as my other bars and motels call me on my cell, I start to hustle faster and faster, as the rush come on and my ATM is looking good.
People that I pick up late at night; in need certain things; that like magic; fly’s out of my trunk.
And then it happens, when the rush is all over at the air port and down at the bars I spot what I am trained to do, excuse me lady, may I help you, yes I have a dead battery, I left my lights on. Do you know a wrecker I could call, well yes that would be me! I can have your car running in 15 minute, we are not aloud to jump cars as we could cross wires and burn out are alternators, so to help people like you that have this problem I have bought a very expensive jumper box. I will hook it up and we will let it charge your battery, and you can relax, as I hooked the jumper box up, leaving the master switch off.
I chanted with her, In a little bit I told her , let me check your battery, I flipped the jumper box switch master to on and ask her to start her car, She said what do I owe you? I told her just like I had said $40.00. No she said, as she sipped me a pile of bills and a pink piece of paper and a big smile, and whispered I think my battery is getting low, I may need a jump, in a few hours.
Point is buy a battery charger is needed here, great investment!


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